7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Skin: Brides-To-Be, Take Notes!

7 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Skin: Brides-To-Be, Take Notes!

You start prepping your skin for your wedding even before the dates are fixed. You need a timeline for you to get to work on your skin and make it wedding-ready. And that's when too many beauty regimes and skincare suggestions start pouring in. They all tell you how to get better skin but nobody tells you what you should never do to your skin. Confused? Don't worry, we've got your back. We list out seven major mistakes we often make that affects our skin really bad. Read on to avoid those.

1. Loofahs are not for your face

First thing first, loofas are not meant for your face. Use Loofahs as a scrubber only on your hands and legs gently. Remember your facial skin is too tender to go through any harsh treatments.

2. Don't overdo exfoliation

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A good exfoliator will wash off those dead skin cells, making it glow from within. We suggest you choose a mild glycolic acid infused one if you have problem skin or a walnut scrub if you have dry skin issues. But please, don't overdo it. 

3. Say NO to hard cleansing

Use mild facewash for your face instead of using cleansers or soaps. Using soaps on your face will make it even rougher. Also, during a hair wash be very cautious that no shampoo doesn't get on to your face. The chemical extracts of a shampoo will harm your facial skin and can cause dryness and irritation.

4. Keep the sun away

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Stepping out in the sun without any protection is a strict NO-NO. Sun exposure can cause dullness, skin burns or tan right before your wedding, right? No amount of cleanups and facials can get rid of the dark tans in no time. So, prevention is better than cure. Apply an adequate amount of sunscreen on your face and body before stepping out, and keep a scarf or hat handy.

5. No experiments, PLEASE!

You have all your life for experiments but don't try them before your wedding month. Your beautician might tell you to use new cleanups and facials for better glow, but trust us don't fall for it. Go for a regular cleanup which suits your skin and don't try out any new products at this time. Avoid experimenting with your skin for the months prior to your wedding. 

6. Stop touching that pimple, NOW!

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It's absolutely normal to get pimples but don't mess with them. The worst thing you can do to your skin is touching and scratching your pimples. Let them heal on their own. Use neem based handmade face masks and face washes on your skin and rinse. 

7. Sleeping with makeup on?

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Going to bed with makeup on is never a good idea. Why would you want those chemicals to be on your face the whole night? We understand you get lazy sometimes, but if you want healthy skin, swipe on a makeup remover wipe and your sk.

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