All The Fashion Items That Confuse The Hell Out Of My Boyfriend & Here's WHY!

All The Fashion Items That Confuse The Hell Out Of My Boyfriend & Here's WHY!

There are a lot of things that boggle men about women... from the fiercely close friendships we hold with other women to carrying a big bag full of miscellaneous stuff to everywhere we go, we just haven't met halfway at understanding each other. One of the big things that men struggle to understand is our fashion choices, why we were what we wear and how is absolutely fascinating to them. Unfortunately, this can get overwhelming for them sometimes because, as opposed to men's fashion, women's fashion is bigger, bolder and weirder!

There are many fashion items and trends out there that men (especially my boyfriend) struggle to put together and we have curated along, but not exhaustive, list of such items. We are sure many women out there have a bunch of similar anecdotes up their sleeves. Take a look at our list and don't forget to share some of your stories! 

1. Skorts

internal confusing fashion

Although mostly worn in sports, the skort is the clothing equivalent of a notorious tease! Women wear it to get the mini skirt look while not having to tug at it all the time. But boy is it a head scratcher to all the men watching.

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2. Clear Heels

I once remember my boyfriend screaming from afar why I was walking out of the house barefoot. This Kardashian famed style seems completely ridiculous to them, why even spend money on a pair of shoes when your entire foot is on display anyway.

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3. Spanx %281%29

Believe it or not, most men don't care about the occasional cookie pouches you might show after a big lunch. So wearing a constricting garment under your dress totally baffles them. "That's a dress on top of a dress?" is what I remember my boyfriend quipping about the garment.

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4. Them Fake Pockets Jeggings

One of the most ridiculous fashion practices in the industry are the fake pocket trims that are sowed on to blouses and jeggings to make it look like a real pocket. With absolutely no purpose served, we side with the men on this frustrating detail about women's clothing. 

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5. Cropped Sweatshirts %282%29

Clothing is very logical and tactical for most men. If you are wearing a sweatshirt, its because you are cold. So when the young ones walk out in a cropped sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, all of you guys friends are sure to make you the butt of the joke for the night!

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6. Shirt Dresses

If you are stepping out in a checkered shirt dress on a hot Sunday afternoon, any male passerby is going to wonder if you have forgotten your pants at home. Everythime I would step out in a casual shirt dress, my guy is sure to give me a double take to check if I am sober enough to get dressed.

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7. Front Closure Bras %285%29-min

One thing that your guy might pride himself on is his best timing on unhooking a bra. So when you have bras (especially pretty bralettes) on with a front clasp on, just stand back and watch him completely boggled on what the hell is going on with this silly little thing. 

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8. Flowy Jumpsuits

internal confusing fashion 2 

Flowy jumpsuits are a summer staple, but sometimes they can get a little mind-boggling for your boo. Any kind of flowy jumpsuit can look like a maxi dress and if you decide to play on it a little bit, it can make for quite a funny prank!

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9. Sneaky Cut Out Dresses

A couple of drop shoulders here and there is fine, but when you add cut out details at the wait and the back, it can easily mess up guys who only need to bother about armholes! But hey, they won't complain about it, that's for sure. 

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