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These Braided Rose Hairstyles Are Next Level Gorgeous!

These Braided Rose Hairstyles Are Next Level Gorgeous!

A delicately styled floral braid is to die for! If you heart rose braids, we bet this pictorial piece will catch your eye. These hairstyles look super dreamy and romantic when teamed with a long flowy gown or a sundress. Try any of them and you’ll be turning heads by the minute. So ladies, are you ready to get inspired? Here are 7 braided rose hairstyles that are next level gorgeous!

1. The Rosy Way

1 rose braid loose hair crown


This hairstyle is perfect for a cocktail party. You can choose tiny hair studs instead of fresh flowers to save you from making a gaudy statement. A fishtail or even a French plait will look amazing when teamed with a rose braid updo. Before putting the pins, use a hairspray to secure your braid.

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2. A Bouquet of Roses

2 rose braid coloured hair


Who said that you only have to stick to only one big rose braid to pull this hairstyle off? Here’s an idea - you can do multiple tiny rose braids to compliment your personality and outfit. That way, you’ll never have to worry about your hair looking too dull or boring. PS: Add a clip to add more colour.

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3. Show Me The Ribbons!

3 rose braid with ribbons


For those of us who find it meh to pin roses onto their hair can try a ribbon braid. Either you can keep it simple or go big with this one. We suggest that you pick the latter. This is a four strand rose braid that’s laced with ribbons! Doesn’t it look amazing? Yes, we think so too!

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4. Crown It Up!

4 rose braid crown


This one doesn’t require you to braid all of your hair, in fact, it targets just a certain section of hair below the crown. While you let the rose braid rest peacefully below the crown area, keep the bottom portion loose and open. If you don’t have natural curls, no worries, use a curling iron to achieve the look that you want.

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5. Two Is Better Than One

5 rose braid dual


When you have time on your hands, do use it for perfecting this braid. This one here is a double rose braid that’s placed in the middle of your crown area. It looks fantastic when secured with pearly and floral bobby pins.

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6. The Half-Up Rosette

6 rose braid dutch french braid


What you see here is two braids clubbed with a giant rose braid. It’s unique indeed and we urge you to decorate the hairstyle with dainty hair accessories. To give your look an elegant vibe, a delicate necklace will surely grab eyeballs.

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7. The Waterfall Braid With A Twist

7 rose braid waterfall


Are you a huge fan of waterfall braids? Good! This hairstyle is for you! All you’ve got to do both a rose and a waterfall braid together. This hairstyle is ideal for those of us who have thick, long and glossy hair. Since the hairstyle looks grand enough, you’re allowed to give hair accessories a miss. However, to be on the safe side, use hairspray to tame flyaways and prevent your braid from falling apart.

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