Zap It: A Conclusive Guide To Covering Up Breakouts With Makeup!

Zap It: A Conclusive Guide To Covering Up Breakouts With Makeup!

Regardless of it being recurring or just a one-time thing, a breakout on an important day is always a bit of a problem. I am always in awe of the makeup sorcery that I keep seeing on Instagram and Youtube. So I decided to binge watch a few and figure out the best way to cover up acne of any kind. Before we get into the steps and hacks, remember if you have acne that is recurring or you have a breakout and if you CAN stay away from makeup, then that is the direction you pick. Keeping it as light as you can is the best way to go for you. BUT if you have an important meeting or an event to go to and you’re not okay taking the natural route, here’s the best and fool-proof way to cover up a pimple.  


Take these steps if you have a night before you need to apply makeup and head out somewhere. The key is to hydrate and moisturise your skin without going overboard. Start off with a cold and warm compress on the affected area. This can be done even when your pimple is just beginning to appear. Do that for about 10 minutes and then follow your basic skincare routine. Keep it to a simple, cleanse, tone, essence and moisturise routine. Then take a break and let the products seep into your skin. Then either use a spot patch, spot treatment or a drying cream. 

Makeup Routine


Step 1

Start with cleansing your face thoroughly and moisturising. This, even more so if your pimple has already flaked and has dry skin around the edges. Remember to keep it minimal otherwise, your concealer won’t stick.

Step 2

This is where you begin your first step - primer. Take a blotting sheet or tissue and blot all over your skin or at least the affected area to remove excess product residue. I like using an eyelid primer over regular primer. Eyeshadow primer is made to neutralise creases and is flake-free, so that’s perfect for your covering a pimple.

Step 3

Next up is colour correction. You can skip this step if your pimple/acne hasn’t broken out yet or if you don’t have any redness in the area. But if you do, try a spot of the green corrector. It cancels out your redness.

Step 4

Add the first coat of concealer. When it comes to covering up acne or breakouts, the key is layering, but don’t go overboard on the first try. Start by lightly putting on a coat of concealer and then go about your foundation routine as usual. Then if needed add another layer of concealer and dab on some more foundation in that spot to seal the deal. Make sure you blend lightly once you start layering otherwise there are chances of your rubbing the layers off.

Step 5

Finally, make sure you set your base really well. Use a translucent powder and even give baking a shot if you are looking at a long day.

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