What Is That One Nutrient Your Body Needs The Most? Katrina Kaif Tells Us It’s Iron!

What Is That One Nutrient Your Body Needs The Most? Katrina Kaif Tells Us It’s Iron!

We’re running too fast to keep up with our life. Work, office, social obligations, travel… It goes on. In this race against time, we have little to no time to plan a balanced diet and thus, about 55% of Indian women suffer from iron deficiency. Insufficient iron content in the body can lead to hair loss, fatigue and infections. So. it’s imperative, now more than ever, to turn to keep a track of your meals and inculcate healthy eating habits.

A role model that you can look up to is Katrina Kaif. The actress is an inspiration to all, not just for her beauty, but also for her fitness goals. Despite being busy with her hectic schedule, Katrina makes sure that she keeps her health on top priority and also encourages other stars to follow suit. In fact, she once even refused to do a food challenge on a talk show because it was NOT a part of her diet. She truly can’t be tempted.

As an ambassador of a healthy change, Katrina is urging her fans to lead a healthier life. She is advising all of us to take better care of ourselves and invest in ourselves. Well-balanced meals that are rich in nutrients, especially iron, and exercise can go a long way in improving the quality of life, she believes.

We spoke to Nutrition and Fitness Expert Madhuri Ruia on the subject and asked her how she manages to do it all. She emphasised the importance of iron in our diets and said, “I like to feel energetic, cheerful and vibrant all day. That’s why I always focus on my iron intake. It’s so vital for my energy, mood and concentration because it plays an indispensable role in energy metabolism and transports oxygen.” Now you know, to be as active as Katrina, you need to increase your iron intake and pay more attention to mealtimes.

If green leafy vegetables freak you out, there are other ways to up your iron intake, including like the Tropicana Essentials Iron juice that has Vitamins A and C. It meets 15% of your recommended iron dietary allowance. So, don’t let your health take the backseat and take Katrina’s advice seriously.

Take care of yourself!

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