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Pataka Or Demure: The Ultimate Song List For Every Kind Of Bride Out There!

Pataka Or Demure: The Ultimate Song List For Every Kind Of Bride Out There!

The celebrations leading up to their wedding day are the best moments of any couple's life. Everybody around them is joining in their joy and making them feel super special. The sangeet night is usually the most fun out of all the functions because everybody just lets loose and dances away into the night. And the most amazing part of the night comes when the bride-to-be takes to the stage for a solo performance. So, if you are a bride who wants to perform solo on her sangeet night and mesmerize everybody with her dance, then here is a list of 15 songs that you can pick from. Take a look...

1. Dilbaro

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This one is the newest wedding song on the block. A slow track that has been sung from the bride's perspective, this song will be perfect for your solo performance and will definitely make everybody tear up.

2. Lae Dooba

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A super romantic and slow number, your husband-to-be will love it. He might even join you mid performance. It's just beautiful!

3. Nai Jaana

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How can we forget this one when thinking of solo performances by the bride? This song created quite a buzz last year and is still a favourite among brides. A little cheeky, a little romantic, this one is a perfect mix, we must say!

4. Lagdi Hai Thaai

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Perfect for the pataka bride, you have to pick this song if you are a bubbly and cheerful bride. It will be a refreshing switch from all the lovey-dovey and mushy songs (if that's not your scene) and will establish you as the 'bridechilla'.

5. Love Me Like You Do

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Oooh, just the feels of this song are enough reason for you to pick it!

6. Jaani Tera Naa

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The perfect, groovy Punjabi track for your solo performance. You can even have a little fun with your fiance while you dance to the beats. The lyrics are really quirky!

7. Main Nachdi Phiran

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A soulful and melodious song that will just set a romantic mood. Trust us, your fiance will love this one!

8. A Thousand Years

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This song is so deep that you will listen to it on loop if you actually pay attention to the lyrics. It's a very slow track, but it's just perfect for the occasion. Your new beginning with your better half calls for a performance on something so sweet and romantic.

9. Bahaara

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A fairly old song but a complete gem! A bride can never go wrong with a solo performance on this.

10. Laung Laachi

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The newest addition to the Punjabi bandwagon, this hit number will set the groovy mood for a fun sangeet night.

11. Nainowaale Ne

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Although this song released later as compared to all other tracks from Padmaavat, in our opinion it definitely took the cake for being the most romantic and beautiful song of the lot. Yes, it's better than Ghoomar!

12. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

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Do we need to explain why this song made it to the list?

13. Lagan Laagi Re

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A gem that has been ignored for far too long! Listen to it once and you will definitely want to pick this as your song!!!

14. Raabta

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You could either do a solo performance on this one, or even a couple dance and it would be great both ways.

15. Gulaabo

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Just right for the fun bride! Go rock the stage with this one!

So, these were our favourite songs for the bride's amazing solo performance. Take your pick!

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Published on May 23, 2018
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