Sonam Kapoor Never Wanted A Hubby Like Dad Anil Kapoor - Here's Why!

Sonam Kapoor Never Wanted A Hubby Like Dad Anil Kapoor - Here's Why!

Sonam Kapoor is all praises for dad Anil Kapoor. She never misses out on giving the credit to her father for what she is today. On Anil Kapoor's last birthday she had said in a series of tweets, how lucky she is to have him as her father. Take a look.

But did you know despite all this, she didn't want a husband like her father? Well, the reason she gave makes sense though. In one of her very old interviews, she had mentioned why she doesn't want a husband like her father. 

Sonam said she's just like her father Anil Kapoor, she's non-pragmatic and isn't always aware of the realities of life. That's why she wants a husband who would echo the characteristics of her mom Sunita Kapoor. Sunita is the one who keeps both Sonam and Anil Kapoor grounded and often emerges as the one with the most realistic solutions. She further said, even her mom wished that she marries someone like her who could handle her just like she does.

Sonam Kapoor Did Not Want A Hubby Like Dad Anil Kapoor 2

Not only that, Sonam also shared how her dad is against the concept of marriage. She said, "My father doesn't believe in marriage, he thinks that it's a very old-fashioned concept. The men in my family are completely against marriage. So whoever has to marry me has to go through like six brothers and a father."

Well, we are glad Sonam has found the man she imagined her husband to be like. Cheers!

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