Dear Taurean Girl, Speak Your Mind With These Cool Slogan Tees!

Dear Taurean Girl, Speak Your Mind With These Cool Slogan Tees!

Dear Taurean, it’s all about you, this month. Parties, presents et al! While the world is celebrating your greatness, it’s important for you to treat yo’self too. Yes, you are awesome and you deserve to flaunt all that you are - good OR bad. Own it, girl. What better way to do that, than through your wardrobe? Let your t-shirts speak your mind, Taurean.

So, for your birthday month, we’ve found the perfect slogan t-shirts for each of your dominant personality traits as let on by your zodiac sign. After all, you are what you wear...

1. Introvert

1 Koovs  Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

Being a social butterfly is not your priority. You don’t mind company, but you’d rather curl up in your own cosy corner with a fat book. You love ‘me’ time and we love that about you! Now, isn’t this tee perfect for you? Wear it with vest jacket, a mini skirt and matching brogues for an urban and edgy look.

2. Genuine

2 Romwe  Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

You’re as real as it gets. Taurean, girl, you don’t care what others think about you as long as you’re good with yourself. That’s a rare quality and we appreciate you for it. Flaunt your ‘no BS’ self in this cool slogan t-shirt tucked into your favourite mom-jeans, shade blocking sunnies and pointed toe flats. Casual-chic look nailed.

3. Independent

3 Spring Break  Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

A Taurean girl knows she can do anything she puts her mind to. Even though you appreciate the help you’re offered, with your drive and confidence, you’re enough by yourself, whatever the task. This black and white slogan t-shirt is all about the ‘girl boss’ look, with white cropped chinos, a matching blazer and pumps to finish.

4. Artistic

4 Zara  Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

Taurean women have an eye for anything artistic. Whether it’s an off-beat slogan or an abstract graphic - so you see why we thought of this cool slogan t-shirt for you. We’re thinking bright wide-legged pants, a wicker handbag and classic hoops to match.

5. Emotionally Strong

5 HM  Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

You’re one tough cookie, Taurean. You are emotionally strong… it doesn’t mean you’re not emotional, it’s just that you can handle bad situations well. Whether it’s a break-up or a bad day at work, you’re the one we need around to knock sense into us! This slogan t-shirt is your motto for breakups, isn’t it?

6. Loyal

6 F21 Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

Nothing can shake your loyalty to the ones you respect and love. You’re strong but girl, you’re all about your inner circle. A true Taurean, you flaunt your love for them and hey, this t-shirt says it loud and clear. Pair the fun piece with a midi skirt and sneakers for a lunch date with your best girls.

7. Smart

7 Shein Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

When it comes to being logical and smart about life in general, you’re everyone’s go-to girl. It’s common knowledge that a Taurean will show you the way, always! When we scrolled on to this slogan graphic tee, we knew it was the one for you. Be clear about your priorities with this cute t-shirt tucked into cut-off shorts with your best basic sneakers.

8. Short Tempered

8 mango Taurean Girl Slogan Tshirts

No one wants to mess with a Taurean girl. It doesn’t take extremes to rub you the wrong way, does it? It’s okay, no one’s perfect! But this hilarious slogan t-shirt is, for you. A fun way to style this tee for a dinner date would be to pair it with a black tutu skirt, sophisticated pointed-toe flats and your fave crossbody bag.