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Want Your Insta Feed To Look As Awesome As PC's? Shreya Jain Shows Us How!

Want Your Insta Feed To Look As Awesome As PC's? Shreya Jain Shows Us How!

Actor, singer, producer and philanthropist - is there anything that Priyanka Chopra can't do? In one of her candid interviews with Karan Johar, she talked about how she likes to do everything in her life. She has a fear of missing out on good things which provokes her to try out everything that's there. This is one of the greatest qualities about her and needless to say, it has taken her worldwide. She is not just a big star in India, people love her globally!

One of the best things about her is the fact that she carries herself with so much style. Be it an oversized tee shirt or a saree, there is nothing that looks bad on her. Her style is a blend of quirky and elegant and we all wish we could be as effortless as her. Right, girls? She owns every outfit she wears and makes sure she carries them with oodles of confidence. All in all, we just simply love our desi girl, Pee Cee!

So, Shreya Jain, a Plixxo super blogger, recreated some of her most popular looks and honestly, we think she nailed them. Here's how you can make your Insta feed look as awesome as Piryanka Chopra's. Watch this super cool video to know what we're talking about! PS: We love you Piggy Chops!

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