*Shocking* Ways People Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them!

*Shocking* Ways People Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them!

Finding out that your significant other is cheating on you is always devastating (especially when you're totally into the relationship). Some get to know via confessions, some find out through other people (common friends, relatives, wellwishers perhaps?) and well, some come across this crushing piece of information in the most downright shocking ways there can be! We asked a few people how they found out about their partner cheating on them, and we’re still in shock. Read on to know why!

1. And he made a boo boo!

'I saw pictures of him kissing another girl while scrolling through some holiday pictures on his phone.'

1 shocking ways people found out their partners were cheating

2. Too many times. Too much drama!

‘I found out on multiple occasions. Once, when I came back home to empty wine bottles and a confused husband. The second time when I found hotel room receipts and the final time when I read the notifications on his mobile phone.’

3. Lost my friend and boyfriend too!

’I caught them at a restaurant, hugging and looking so in love. The surprising part, she was a friend and knew that we’d been in a relationship for over eight months by then!’

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4. And he wasn’t who I thought he was

'We were together for two years. I tried numerous times to take our relationship to the next level but he kept finding excuses to avoid getting cosy with me. This made me wonder if I was not good enough for him. Later he confessed that he wanted to leave me for a guy he was head over heels in love with!'

5. Travelled all the way for nothing?

'I came back all the way from Bangalore to Delhi to surprise her on her birthday and found her screwing my flatmate.'

5 shocking ways people found out their partners have been cheating

6. An overachiever this one!

'It was a long distance relationship for a bit. I was head over heels in love with this boy and he was too was, whenever he came down to meet me. Often I'd call him, and his phone would be busy. And he'd make up to most random excuses. The boy was stupid enough to give me his email password, and one day, I caved and checked his mail! I found pictures of him kissing not one, but three other women.'

7. Do you remember when...oh no you don’t!

‘It happened when he ended up telling me an incident which started with ‘do you remember when we…. Turns out he was thinking of someone else in that situation and it was not ‘us’ he was referring to. He told me he was cheating on me on his own.’

5 shocking ways people found out theiir partner was cheating on them

8. Hey! Where were you last weekend?

‘My boyfriend and I were out one night and as we were holding hands, a girl walked up to him and reminded him of the previous weekend when they were together at the same place. This was the same weekend he told me he was spending with his family.’

9. Surprised, are we?

‘I went to surprise my long-time girlfriend on her birthday, but she was more awkward than surprised upon seeing me. I thought something was fishy so I followed her around after the party. I found her with the same boy who I thought she was with. I never spoke to her again after that.’

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10. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

'Guilt. He felt immense remorse for having cheated on me so he decided to come clean. This was three months before our wedding. I had to call off the entire thing and later I found out that there other random hook-ups too.'

11. Birthday sex? NOT

'I was with this boy who my parents never approved of but I kept seeing him nevertheless. I found out on my birthday that he had sex with someone else in the day before meeting me with all the gifts and surprises. I had read her message to him that said, "Thanks for today, I had a really great time." It was the worst birthday ever!'

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12. We were on a break (were we?)

'We were on a break for like 10 days after a massive fight. We did speak in the middle and for me it was NOT a breakup. When he came back to me I could tell something was up but I ignored the nagging feeling because I was too happy to have him back. A month passed and I got a Facebook message from an ex of his telling me he was at her house the day before he got back with me! He apparently fooled around with her and realised it was wrong and mindless right after so he came rushing back. Obviously, it didn’t end well.'