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9 Reasons You Need A South Indian *Macha* In Your Life!

9 Reasons You Need A South Indian *Macha* In Your Life!

Growing up in Chennai was quite an experience, I made friends from a different cultural background than mine and learned how to respect diversity. Especially because there is so much a South Indian bestie can teach you, from her strong stance on social issues to her no-judgment attitude. Here's how having a Tamilian BFF has made me a better person. 

1. The Food Is A Treat 

Idli, dosas, vada, thayir sadam, the list goes on. Sleepovers are fun because of the breakfast you get the next day. And don't even get me started on the chutneys...

south indian bestie 01

2. They Teach You How To NGAF 

To give too many f*cks is legit not in their dictionary. Since they don't work towards pleasing people on a daily basis, except their parents, their chill is something that will always inspire you. 

3. Their Slangs Are Bae 

Macha is literally your favourite word now and you can't stop yourself from saying da anymore. Their slangs are now your slangs and you embrace their vetti behavior with open arms. 

south indian bestie 03

4. No Judgement Whatsoever 

I don't think my South Indian bestie has ever judged me for the clothes I wear or the obnoxious Punjabi music I listen to. Though she might squint to the volume once in a while, I know she accepts the cultural conflict with open arms. 

5. Life Is Easy Breezy 

Their simple lifestyle and easy nature rubs off on you. You begin to realise that there is no point in showing off and being pricey. My bestie taught me how to be low maintenance and I love her for it. 

south indian bestie 05

6. They Discipline You 

I still remember the number of times she's stopped me from splurging or bunking classes. I know it seems like a stereotype but she actually takes education very seriously and that inspires me to stop being a flake. 

7. Translating Your Movies 

Growing up in Chennai, I fell in love with various Tamil actors over the years. And she fed fuel to my crushes by translating the Tamil movies we watched at our weekend sleepovers.

south indian bestie 07

8. Her Sense Of Independence Inspires You 

Not just another stereotype, South Indian parents tend to promote independence from a younger age. And don't hold back from sending their kids across borders to get the education they wish to pursue. My bestie officially made me fearless. 

9. Cultural Overload

Learning about different cultures, celebrating festivals like Pongal and Golu when you are invited to overdose on yummy food is an unforgettable experience. 

south indian bestie 09

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Published on May 27, 2018
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