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These Twin Bloggers Are Giving Us Major #SisterGoals With Their Distinctive Style Choices!

These Twin Bloggers Are Giving Us Major #SisterGoals With Their Distinctive Style Choices!

The world of fashion is so vast and boundless that one platform like runway isn't enough for all the talented artists. Hence, Instagram! Instagram alone hosts more than a million multi-talented bloggers. So many that it's difficult to keep a track of every style and look trend. But no worries, Plixxo-picks will make it so much easier for you.

Plixxo Super Bloggers, Zoya Singh & Zina Singh are twins and they have created some great choices for you on their fashion, culture and health blog, Touch and Be. With this twin-duo, you'll always have two inspiring looks for the same occasion. Brilliant isn't it?! This stylist-duo have a completely distinctive style but a collective sense of direction. While Zoya is more clean and edgy with her styling, Zina is a pro at making country and cultural styles popular. Once you scroll through their work, you will know how much attention they pay to their themes!    

Here are some styles this twin-duo has in store for you! These stylish sisters will definitely have you taking notes. 

1. Now that's how you add a touch of tradition to your nude outfit!

2. Major #SummerSangeet Goals!

3. Shopping at Furla?! That's the bag-style you should be looking for!

4. Contemporary bride-style, on point!

5. Hello Summer! We love when you bring on the pastels...

6. Zoya & Zina, you have our full attention for this one!

7. Those looks explain Zoya and Zina's personal styles, perfectly!