Work This Discounted Playsuit Into Your Vacation Wardrobe This Summer!

Work This Discounted Playsuit Into Your Vacation Wardrobe This Summer!

Bonjour, vacay season! Long time, no see. We’ve been waiting for you and how. The last few weeks have been tough… they’ve been sweaty, sticky and let’s not leave out, ‘long’. Let’s be honest, the second summer kicks in, everyone starts planning their holidays. Whether it involves sipping fruity cocktails at the beach or partying it up in the city, it’s time you start putting that vacation itinerary together. And of course, then you’ve to think of what to pack. Of course, as soon as you know where you’re going, that’s when the wardrobe planning truly starts - not this time, though. This time, we’ve found you the perfect ‘vacay’ piece, no matter where you’re headed! This discounted (yes, I said ‘discounted’) floral playsuit from Lulu & Sky:

sale alert vacay discounted playsuit 1

We love everything about this playsuit - it’s discounted, it’s floral, it’s chic. But most of all, we love the flirty ruffles and the side cutouts. One more thing, you can wear it wherever you’re travelling, so making this purchase will be worth it, guaranteed. Here’s how you can style this cute navy floral playsuit at:

  1. The Beach - a pair of flip-flops and some sunglasses is all you need!

  2. At A City Bar - Wear the playsuit with strappy high heels, a metallic gold cuff and some giant gold hoops to match!

  3. In The Mountains - Layer the playsuit over warm tights and some thigh-high boots. Cover up with a long-line coat and a scarf.

And to conclude, get this… this vacay worthy playsuit is priced at 35% its original price (65% OFF)! Yes, from Rs 3,699 to only Rs 1,295. Admit it, you’re packing it up, aren’t you?

Buy it here.