Naughty Games To Play With Your Boyfriend That Will Turn Him On!

Naughty Games To Play With Your Boyfriend That Will Turn Him On!

Whether you are looking to reignite a fizzling spark in your relationship or just want to mix some fun NSFW activities in your relationship, cheeky games can be a fun way to do it. It will take the pressure off and add to the sheer joy of being in a relationship that is comfortable and goofy! These sexy games are hella creative and can be a form of naughty foreplay for you and your partner before you head to the show-stopping finale. With absolutely no add-ons required to play the game, except for the spare booze or deck of cards lying around, you can indulge in them at your naked best (pun intended!)  

1. Sext Him At Work %283%29

Dirty talk while in bed is done and dusted already. Scandalize it up a bit, and take your dirty talk game while both of you are at work. Start at the end of the day when you know that both of you are going to be home soon. Tease with a couple of strategic pictures and one-liners like "What's for dinner?" and wait for your guy to be back home all hot and bothered!

2. Mirror Mirror

The hottest games are the simplest ones! And no you don't need a Disney princess to play this, just you and your boo working together. Start off by making a move on your guy, this could be a simple kiss or an earlobe bite, the catch is whatever you do, your guy has to do the exact same thing to you. Take the reigns on this to slyly show him what you want to get done to you (*wink*). 

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3. Develop Role Playing Chops %284%29

If you ever wished to know how good of an actress you can make, this is your out. Come up with characters for bae and yourself. This can be anything, out of a TV show (Khaleesi and Khal Drogo?) or your favourite literature characters (Lizzy and Mr Darcy, please!), you are spoilt for options honestly.

4. Get The Cards Deck Out... But Not For Poker!

There are a lot of sexy games you can play using cards. Apart from the usual strip poker, grab an old deck of cards and pen in various acts that the two of you find fun. Engage in a hand of 21 or rummy, the winner wins all the acts from their partner, this game is going be the best round, even though there is no money involved!

5. Come Up With Drinking Games %285%29

In case you were wondering when to open up that fancy bottle of wine you got but never used because you are not 25-year-olds, this is what you do. Put on a sexy DVD and whenever someone lets out a moan, you drink. You can make up a drinking game out of pretty much anything, just make sure you don't pass out before doing the deed!

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6. Guess The Body Part

Now, this is a bit of a doozy. Depending on the kind of relationship you have, it can be either super sexy or super funny, either way, you are sure to have a good time with your partner. As the name suggests, blindfold your partner and make him touch different body parts to guess what they are, simple and effective!

7. Strip Relationship Trivia %286%29

You know how your boo can sometimes forget stuff about you and it MAY even lead to a fight? Turn the tables on this and paly the relationship trivia. Prepare questions for each other, and depending on whether each of you gets it right or wrong, strip!

8. Indulge In Erotica

If you have only heard and read Fifty Shades Of Grey in terms of 'erotica' then you have been dipping in the kids' pool all this while. Literature is rife with amazing erotic fiction like Bad Behaviour by Mary Gaitskill, where there are long sexy monologues that you two can read out. They are not just sexy but extremely well written, something the bookworm in you will appreciate!

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9. Never Have I Ever: Sexy Edition %287%29

If you are one of those goofy couples that everybody knows and loves, this game is for you. You both know that neither can take anything seriously so might as well make it fun. Prepare a cheeky game of 'Never Have I Ever' and LOL your way to sexy time. Laughter is a good aphrodisiac, we heard!

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