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8 *Stylish* Skirts Your Summer Wardrobe Is Begging For

Almost half the year has passed and you stuck it through your New Year’s resolution of a better body, a better you. You deserve a treat! How about a sweet shortbread? Oh wait, I meant a sweet short skirt! One and the same thing anyway, am I right?

Recently, Disha Patani and Katrina Kaif wore mini skirts and reminded us how good it feels to flaunt freshly shaved legs and toned calf muscles, thanks to the gym.

1 skirts - disha patani

I’ve never wanted a denim skirt more!

2 skirts - katrina kaif

Little black skirt doesn’t get better than that!

So, here are eight of our favourite picks for the season. Book your waxing appointment or keep your razor at the ready. It’s going to be so worth it! Here’s some mini skirt shaped motivation to do that extra set of lunges and squats.

Make your leg day show in style, ladies!

Images: Instagram


Published on May 30, 2018
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