Short Girl With A Tall Guy? Here's How To Make Sex Easier!

Short Girl With A Tall Guy? Here's How To Make Sex Easier!

Being short comes with its own set of problems. I mean obviously, the top shelf is out of reach and you are mistaken for a child but that's really not where your woes end. It has some effects that nobody talks about. Especially when you are dating a tall guy

So what do you do during sex? How do simultaneously kiss and do the deed? He can, after all, reach only one place. So how do you make the hot stuff better? And what do you prioritize? How deep he goes or whether he kisses you or not during sex? LOL, we couldn't decide either so we came up with a few positions and tips to make it easier for you and your boyfriend!

1. Give Yourself A Boost

Something like a doggy style will be extremely uncomfortable if your hips don't line up. So the easiest way to make it work is by putting a pillow under your knees so that you two can reach the same level. How does that sound?

1 sex tall guy boyfriend

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2. Stay On The Edge

You know another great way to have sex? At the edge of the bed. He can pull you to the edge of the bed so that your legs are dangling over. His height will not only give him the advantage of control, it'll also make for better sex because deeper penetration, sister!

3. To Spoon Or Not To Spoon

Always to spoon. ALWAYS. The missionary may be a problem for you two, considering the vast height difference but spooning will never be. Ideally, that should be your default position since it's also a great way to stimulate your G-spot!

4. Sitting Is Your Best Bet

A sex position that is guaranteed to work every time is if you sit on top of him facing each other. Not only will you be in control, it'll also give you better access to each other! The makeout sessions in this position are going to be so hot, you'll thank us later. (Pro tip: Girl on top, similar to sitting on him will work really well too!)

4 sex tall guy boyfriend

5. There's Always More To Sex

While a lot of positions may help and it's all about hit and miss, the thing that works the best is remembering that there's always more to sex than penetration. While there is no denying it's importance, there is also no denying the fact that a steamy makeout session makes for amazing sex.

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