When Is Makeup Too Much? Here’s What The Experts Have To Say!

When Is Makeup Too Much? Here’s What The Experts Have To Say!

Let’s be honest, there is a bunch of us who totally judge women who wear “too much makeup” and look “too caked up”. The accused on the other hand are often makeup lovers who wouldn’t have their face done up in any other way come what may! Yes, there is a way to go about it - play up one one feature, not all, blend well, don’t keep adding layer after layer of product… the list is endless, but really the debate on ‘how much makeup is too much makeup’ is one that can’t reach a consensus. So, we decided to bring in some experts (makeup artists) to talk about this and give their views. Here’s the verdict…

1. No amount of makeup is too much as long as you’re blending it well: Anchal Makeover

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“Makeup shaming is just as real as body shaming. Either you're wearing too much makeup, or you're not wearing enough. So, you might as well do exactly what makes you happy. According to me, no makeup ever is too much makeup if blended in the correct way. BLENDING is the key to a perfect makeup. Be it eyes or base, if the makeup is blended in a correct manner it’s never too much. You can wear as little or as much makeup as you want. Typically, what you think is the absence of makeup is, in fact, just expertly applied makeup. So go ahead and play on with whatever you like.”

2. The moment your makeup starts showing distinctly, you’ve overdone it: Clint Fernandes

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‘Too much makeup’ happens a lot!  In the case of foundation - when you can see it clearly then it’s too much. It is when the skin’s texture looks different and the skin tone too. As far as blush goes, many women tend to go overboard with it and end up looking odd. The point is to enhance the natural blush and dewy look of the face, and not to make it look too artificially coloured. Use highlighter with a lot of caution; your face shouldn’t look sweaty because of overusing it. Coming to eyeshadows, STOP at the crease line please!  Many of us extend it till where the eyebrows start and that’s just not okay! The whole point is that the moment the makeup starts showing too starkly, you’ve overdone it.

3. It’s a personal choice always: Savleen Manchanda

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Too much makeup is very subjective and a personal choice really, there’s nothing like too much or too little. My effort (and personal choice) as a makeup artist is to make sure that every client’s beauty is enhanced with makeup. However, there’s not denying that using too much product can damage your skin sometimes. Heavy foundation, baking your foundation and going a tad bit overboard with blush can lead to clogged pores, and when you put layer after layer of product, your wrinkles tend to become more prominent. For instance, fine lines under the eyes appear deeper when you use heavy concealer on it. So, from the maintaining the elasticity and health of your skin perspective, you should allow your skin to breathe and not load it with makeup ever too often. But, when it comes to how you feel, put on as much or as little as you’d need to make you feel comfortable and confident..”

4. Personality plays a big role: Prerna Khullar

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“The amount of makeup one uses is dependent on multiple things. For instance when I do bridal makeup, I look at the bride’s personality, the outfit, and everyone wants different looks for different functions. The amount of makeup also depends on what looks the best on that particular person. Minimal makeup looks best on some girls, while some look good in a more dramatic and out there look that comes with a little more makeup than usual.”

5. When your face powder and highlighter look like cake frosting: Shruti Sharma

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“If makeup is wearing your face instead of the other way round, it’s too much!

1. When your face powder and highlighter look like cake frosting.

2. Your false eyelashes are touching your eyebrows.

3. Your face is as white as a geisha’s.

4. You have all the colours of the rainbow on your eyelids.

5. When instead of focusing on one feature to enhance you, have gone OTT with every feature and now your face is lit like a Christmas tree.”

Well, now you know. Basically, makeup is an extension of your personality and it can be more or less. Basic rules? Blend well, understand your skin and ALWAYS only put on what you’re comfortable with.