15 Sneaky Foods That Seem Healthy But Might Be Killing Your Diet

15 Sneaky Foods That Seem Healthy But Might Be Killing Your Diet

In a world full of #fitspo and ‘gymfie’s, it’s hard to be a foodie, isn’t it? Losing weight is always on your mind but so is food. Oh, well, c’est la vie! However, along with losing weight, ‘wellness’ is also something to reckon with, these days. People aren’t only focused on eating to lose fat, they’re also thinking about eating ‘healthy’. If you don’t know this already, there are foods that might seem healthy or carb-free but they’re not doing you a whole lotta good.

Today, we’re here to lift the veil off these sneaky-ass nibbles that deceive you into munching on them day and night in your weight-loss journey. If you’re getting on the scale and not seeing any progress despite staying ‘healthy’, it’s because you don’t know the complete and honest truth about these foods. Get ready to let out tiny gasps with each one of these, because you’re in for a shock:

1. Flavoured Yoghurt

1 flavoured yoghurt foods making you gain weight

Yes, it’s true… *sniff*. This delightfully delicious and seemingly healthy snack belongs in your no-go list. Packaged flavoured yogurts, even the plain Vanilla variety, packs more sugar than the same amount of ice-cream! Don’t be fooled by the carb-free or sugar-free versions either, ‘cause the artificial sweeteners added are said to be carcinogenic. Replace it with plain Greek yogurt and add natural sweeteners like stevia or berries to satisfy that sweet tooth.

2. Dry Fruits & Nut Mixes

Fruits and nuts are an obvious healthy choice to snack on, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Dried fruits like cranberry and raisins have so much added sugar - say goodbye to ‘em. Portion controlled nuts like almonds, peanuts and cashew nuts can be a wholesome snack. However, mixes and packaged nuts have lots of added salt and can pack over 300 calories for a small portion. Read that nutrition label, peeps!

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3. Granola

3 granola foods making you gain weight

Unless it’s a small homemade version of granola, this sugar-loaded snack isn’t doing you any good. It’s best to avoid it altogether because even a handful of this crunchy sweet cereal isn’t worth all those calories, you’re working so hard to fight!

4. Caesar Salad

“It’s a salad, for Pete’s sake!”. No wonder Caesar got stabbed in the back! This salad is NOT a salad. The three essential ingredients to this dish are cheese, creamy dressing and croutons… All of which are high in fat. Toss together a filling salad of fresh veggies and a vinaigrette dressing instead.

5. Smoothies

5 smoothie foods making you gain weight

Store bought or restaurant smoothies are deceptively healthy-looking. TBH, this drink has potential to be super healthy and a weight-loss booster. However, most smoothies are loaded with carbs, sugar and fat. Watch out for full fat milk, ice-cream, high-fat nut butters and an excess of fruits in yours. It’s best to make your own at home, with greek yogurt and controlled ingredients.

6. Avocados

Aah, yes, the big ‘cado. If you thought this exotic fruit/vegetable (I’ve never really known for sure) is healthy, you’re right. It’s not so much the avocado itself - it’s what else is on that plate that you’re eating the avocado with. See, it’s nutritious but very high in fat content, so eat it on its own. Avoid oils and carbs with your avocados or guacamole. Sneaky, no?

7. Flavoured Soy Milk

7 soy milk foods making you gain weight

Remember all those chocolate soy milks slurped down on your way to work? Probably not a very good idea. A cup of that stuff has about 17 grams of sugar in it! Not only that, flavoured soy milk is known to cause hormonal imbalances and endocrine disruption. TBH, it’s better to have the dairy variety.

8. Iced Teas And Fruit Juice

Teas, if unsweetened are great for weight loss but if you’re into ‘natural’ fruit juices and sweetened iced teas… drop them, drop them now. All that sugar isn’t doing your waistline any good.

9. Protein/ Energy Bars

9 protein bars foods making you gain weight

Again, read those nutrition labels closely! Most protein bars have excessive sugar and other carb-loaded ingredients. It’s better to eat your meat/eggs for the protein rather than energy bars, which are just differently named candy bars.

10. Hummus

It is admittedly a great high-protein snacking option with healthy fats but only if you stick to the recommended serving size of two tablespoons. Try to remember… when was the last time you stopped at just two? 1 tablespoon has about 25 calories, 2 gm carbs and 1.5 gm of fat, which is basically one scoop with your veggies/pita bread.

11. Sugar-Free/ Diet Sodas

 11 diet soda foods making you gain weight

You might not know it, but these drinks are killing your diet. So long, bikini bod! If you’re smart, you know better than to believe the fine print. We all know diet sodas have zero nutritional value but they also lead to weight gain despite being ‘sugar-free’. The artificial sweeteners in these sodas can lead to glucose intolerance, obesity and kills type 2 diabetes-fighting enzymes. Better stop now!

12. Gluten-Free Snacks

Just because it’s wheat free, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Gluten-free snacks use other flours that are higher in calories and carry more carbs than their regular counterparts. Don’t forget all the sugar and flavours added to compensate for lack of or difference in taste.

13. Sushi

13 sushi foods making you gain weight

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but think about it… most of your signature sushi rolls have mayo, white rice and fried stuff in it. Just because it’s wrapped in seaweed doesn’t make it any healthier. Save your diet and control your sushi portions, girls.

14. Egg White Omelettes

Eggs are key to a satisfying and sumptuous breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, skipping the yolk and eating just the whites might be interrupting your weight-loss journey. This is because, even though the whites don’t have fat content and are higher in protein content, the yolks have healthy carbs and fats and vitamins that boost metabolism and accelerate digestive activity. I didn’t know the ‘sunny side up’ to this either!

15. Whole Wheat/Brown Bread

800px-Anadama bread %281%29

If you’re eating more of the brown bread variety because it’s ‘healthy’, please stop! If the package doesn’t say that it’s ‘100% Whole Wheat’ it’s probably just white flour (maida) with a sprinkle of wheat. It’s just as unhealthy! Read the fine print, ladies.

Being fit and healthy is a life-long struggle but what makes it easier? Trick #1: cook your own meals; trick #2: visit a certified dietician (not a nutritionist, anyone can pass off as one nowadays). Also, check out these sneaky 'unhealthy' foods that are actually VERY healthy