9 Hair Colour Trends For The Kind Of Gal Who Likes To Takes Risks Every Once In A While

9 Hair Colour Trends For The Kind Of Gal Who Likes To Takes Risks Every Once In A While

I admire women who have the attitude and the confidence to pull off a bold hair colour. They refuse to play it safe by sticking to safer hues of brown, black, blonde and instead opt for a brighter colour palette. If you too are all about pushing boundaries and taking risks, 2018 just might be your year. Here are 9 new hair colour trends you must try this season.

1. The Tie-Dye Life

What in the world is tie-dye hair, you ask? Well, it’s a mixture of different coloured dyes to give the hair a rainbow-like finish. The colour combination is usually made of colours like pink, blue, purple and green. Keep in mind that these colours aren’t supposed to look loud or gaudy on your hair. On the contrary, they’re supposed to be subtle and light.

2. Look Hawt With Salt & Pepper Locks


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Last year, Lisa Haydon coloured her mane platinum blonde. The trend hasn’t changed much this year. However, tones of grey and black have been introduced. Salt and pepper coloured hair is not for the ordinary. It’s for girls who dare to make style statement without the fear of being judged - are you one of them?   

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3. Buttered Rose Gold Be So Chic


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When metallic pink meets yellowy-blonde tones, a new shade is born - buttered rose gold! What’s not to love about this new hair colour trend? It’s bright, pretty and oh-so-feminine. The beauty of this colour trend is that it can be worn anywhere without grabbing too much of attention. It’s aesthetic to look at and complements almost every skin tone.

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4. Go Glam With Ultraviolet

Since the Pantone colour of the year is ultraviolet, I couldn’t help but mention this trend on the list! As you can see, it’s not lavender or bright purple, it’s more of a deeper purple. If you like keeping up with trends, this is a colour you should give a shot to this year.

5. For The Love Of Marshmallows!


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This hair colour trend is not only eye-catching but also high maintenance. The trend is basically a colour blend of grey, platinum and pearly white. If you expose it to sunlight, you’ll notice that the soft and cool tones of white have a slight sheen to them too.  

6. Ocean Blue Hair For The Mermaid


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Year after year, the blue colour hair trend tends to get better with time. This is no ordinary shade of blue. It’s a lovely smokey blue that’s fit for a mermaid! You can choose to colour your whole hair blue or opt for blue highlights - both work.

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7. Burnt Orange Is The New Black

Having burnt orange as your hair colour is bound to fetch you many compliments. It’s sexy and classy at the same time. I’m not referring to the bright orange colour, I prefer the blackish-orange shade of awesomeness!

8. Ash Brown Hair Makes You Look Like A Diva


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Without any traces of gold and red, an ash brown hair colour, is a cool, deep tone that is a visual treat to the eyes. Not to mention that if you apply serum or oil to your mane, the colour looks glossy and rich.

9. Holographic Hair To Slay Your Trend Game

It started with holographic nails and the colour later became a popular hair trend. How does it look so fabulous? Well, it does look great because it contains shades of bright blue, baby pink, mint green and pastel lavender. Would you dare to try this hair colour trend?