10 Moments From 'Friends' That Made Us Cringe A Little

10 Moments From 'Friends' That Made Us Cringe A Little

'See, no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke and your love life's DOA'. Growing up, if there's anything we've learnt, it is the fact that they will always be there. Yes! FRIENDS is that one timeless show that will make you feel better no matter how bad you're feeling. But the truth is, it's not always fun and sweet. There were a few moments in an otherwise amazing show that could have been avoided. So, we have listed a few not-so-cute moments that we could have done without.

1. Joey and Rachel hooking up!

Please, oh please! THIS was not good. I mean I get that they were attracted to each other but there is a thing called bro code. Some rules, please?

1 rachel joey friends moments that were not cute

2. Ross dating his student and Rachel dating the father

When Ross decides on dating his 19-year-old student (weird), Rachel is attracted to the father of the girl Ross is dating (wait, what?). They even go on a double date together (Okay, stop!)

3. When Joey can't speak French

Sure, it may be a little hard but showing Joey to be so dumb that he can't even say basics? What in the world is a 'blah de le blue'. Unacceptable.

3 friends momenst that are not cute joey french

4. When Rachel is hell-bent on messing up with Ross's head

She tries to get Ross's girlfriend to go bald and then she flies all the way to London on his wedding day to tell him that she loves him. That girl really liked to mess with Ross's head. Not cute at all. If they were really friends, she'd be happy for him!

5. 'Fat Monica' was always miserable

You know how they always made Monica's character lonely and depressed because she was fat? That's body shaming, guys!

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5 friends moments that are not cute monica geller

6. When Ross has a crush on his cousin

Remember Casie Geller played by Denise Richards? Ross tried to make a pass at her. I mean, what the hell?

7. Joey threw a wooden leg in the fire

That girl who Chandler dates who has an artificial leg? Turns out that Joey had already been on a date with her and threw her leg in the fire by mistake. Cringing so hard!

7 friends moments that are not cute joey tribbiani

8. Monica hanging out with an imposter

What do you do when somebody steals your credit card? Well, in Monica's world, you hang out with her and chill. Why would any sane person do that?

9. Rachel slept with Paulo even after knowing he sexually assaulted Phoebe

Rebound is okay but what's NOT okay is to go back to someone who'd do something this gross. 

9 friends moments that are not cute rachel green

10. Ross and Janice

Not one of the best relationships we saw during the show. But what was extremely messed up was the fact that Ross considered this pairing seriously. Eww!