Nip And Tuck: Everything You Need To Know About Botox

Nip And Tuck: Everything You Need To Know About Botox

Initially, I used to think that only celebrities opt for botox. Little did I know how popular they are among the young women today! In fact, some of my friends who too, are in their 20s have already gotten Botox done. I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who don’t mind going under the needle, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Since knowledge is power, here’s everything you need to know about Botox!  

1. What Is Botox?

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Made by a bacteria’s compound known as the botulism toxin, the substance is injected into the skin to temporarily paralyze facial muscles. This is done to prevent crow’s feet, fine lines, turtle lines on the neck area and wrinkles on the face from showing up. During the 1960s, botulinum toxin was used to treat crossed eyes and uncontrollable blinking. However, in the process of treating those ailments, doctors discovered that the side-effects were that it softened frown lines on the forehead. This itself was the beginning of an entire pool of research.

2. Who Should Ideally Get it Done?

This popular cosmetic treatment is starting to get really famous among the youth. However, it’s not necessary for someone to get it done below the age of 16. The youth should give it a serious thought and not opt for it because of the hype. Ideally, women who are in their late 20s and early 30s could go for it. More than making frequent trips to the clinic, a person should learn how to maintain it. The key is to not drastically change a person’s facial features but to make them look the same and have a youthful appearance.

3. How Long Do The Effects Last For?

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Depending on your metabolism, lifestyle choices, diet and muscle strength, the effects of Botox can last anywhere between 3 to 5 months. In fact, you’ll start to see the first sign of positive results anywhere from day 1 to 10. During these few months, avoid drinking alcohol too much, smoking, eating greasy food and staying out in the sun. All of these things can damage and cause harm to your skin. Make sure to apply sunscreen and antioxidant serums to keep your skin protected and healthy.  

4. Does It Hurt?

I figured you’d ask this question. Well, it kinda does. More like a bee sting to be precise. Don’t worry though, the pain mild and short-lived. If you’re worried about this, before the botox treatment begins, ask the expert to apply an anaesthetic cream or a cold pack. This will help numb the area.

To flesh it out for you, we’ve looped in a Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr Apratim Goel, Cutis Skin Studio and asked her a bunch of questions. Here’s what she has to say about them!

1. What are the common side-effects of Botox patients usually experience?

Within 1-2 hours you may notice tiny mosquito-like bites on your face. Some may even experience muscle stiffness and headaches. If any discomfort is experienced pop a painkiller and you’ll be just fine.

2. What’s the best age to give Botox a shot?

I would say once you’ve reached puberty you are eligible to give Botox a try. One should do it only if they are bothered by the lines on their face.  

3. Who should avoid Botox?

People who are on heavy medication, pregnant women, people who have muscular disorders and unrealistic expectations, should keep away from Botox. Before going forward with the treatment, I usually check the medical history of the patient to see if they are fit and healthy enough to go under the needle.

4.  What kind of activities to avoid post the first Botox session?

Avoid lying down flat on your tummy or back for the first couple of hours. Do not turn frequently and avoid getting a facial massage done.

5. What’s the price per session?

It’s between 300 or 500 Rs per dosage.

6. An important piece of advice you would like to share with someone who’s getting Botox done for the first time?

Try a low dose first like the crows feet or the brow area. Don’t keep unrealistic expectations. The treatment will not majorly change your features. It takes time and the effects are subtle at first.

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