10 Drinking Games To Play On Your Next Girls' Night!

10 Drinking Games To Play On Your Next Girls' Night!

What is a Saturday night without alcohol and a Sunday morning without aspirin? Just a sad little Wednesday, is what it is. While you're planning your outfits for tonight on the WhatsApp group, here's something you could share with the gang apart from the juicy gossip, selfies and boyfriend talks. Whether you're celebrating your graduation, having the girls over for a house party or seizing the day, here are 10 fun drinking games you can play with the gang for the time of your life. Don't let the chakana get bored.

On a scale of tipsy to wasted, make your pick for the night based on our drunk-o-meter.

1. Heads Up

1 drinking games - eddie raymond on the ellen show

What you need: App, drinks

How to play: A huge shoutout to Ellen DeGeneres for blessing the world with this hilarious game. Heads Up involves all kinds of crazy from mimicking celebrities to doing the chicken dance. As soon as the timer starts, keep the phone on your forehead with the screen facing your team. Make your team wins by correctly guessing all the words. If you make an incorrect guess or you pass, your entire team has to take a shot. It is dumb-charades but with voice and alcohol. Had to be the one to top our list, ladies!

Drunk-o-meter: Tipsy

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2. Most Likely

2 drinking games - sex and the city

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What you need: Drinks

How to play: All you've to do is sit in a circle and ask 'most likely' questions to each other. For example: Who is most likely to kiss a stranger to win a bet? After counting to three, everyone points to a person who they think is most likely to do so. The person with the maximum fingers pointed at them, drinks. Psst... it's a great way to gang-up on that one friend who never gets drunk. Just use your 'most likely' questions wisely *wink*.

Drunk-o-meter: Wasted

3. King's Cup

3 drinking game - robin bartender himym

What you need: Cards/app, drinks

How to play: This fun little game is all about making your friends drink more than you. At least for me. The challenge is to stay sharp(er) than others. Best enjoyed with a large group because that just means more screw ups and more drinking. Every card has an action attached to it which involves at least one person drinking at all times. Cool, right? Once all the cards are drawn, the person who had the least to drink wins. This game also has an app in case cards aren't your thing. Here's a handy guide to the Holy Grail.

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0 drinking game - kings cup rules

Drunk-o-meter: Wasted

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4. Never Have I Ever

4 drinking game - drunk monica friends

What you need: Drinks

How to play: Probably the most interesting ice-breaker out there, 'Never Have I Ever' is a popular drinking game that can make or break parties. Find out all the darkest secrets of your friends with tequila to gulp them down. You have to share something that you may or may not have done before and the people who have done it will take a sip of their drink. For example: Never have I ever peed in a pool. The key is to ask generic (and embarrassing) questions like these to get the dirt out and the alcohol in. It's easy and fun on so many levels.

Drunk-o-meter: Wasted

5. Truth Or Shots

5 drinking game - haley dunphy shot

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What you need: Drinks

How to play: As the name suggests, truth or shots is the drunk version of the (in)famous truth or dare. You spin the bottle and whoever gets the mouth of the bottle has to choose between truth or shot. If a player chooses truth but can't answer the question asked, make them take two shots as a penalty. Make sure the question you ask is as dirty as your martini. Anyway, the truth comes out when the spirit goes (g)in (geddit, geddit?)!

Drunk-o-meter: NA

6. 'Word' Drinking Game

6 drinking game - everyone taking shots

What you need: TV, drinks

How to play: Ah, this one's the easiest of all. Pick a movie or a TV show you all enjoy. Select a word that is likely to get repeated A LOT. Drink whenever someone says that word. You'll all get equally drunk and it'll be so worth it. When I did it, the movie was Gangs of Wasseypur and we drank everytime a character cursed! I don't remember the rest of the night to date.

Drunk-o-meter: Wasted

7. Would You Rather

7 drinking games - priyanka chopra drinking

What you need: Drinks

How to play: The classic Would You Rather format, with a twist. Let's begin with an example: Would you rather give up food or give up sex? The group votes on the answer – and everyone who chooses the least popular response has to drink. Plus, a sneaky little way to judge from behind the jugs.

Drunk-o-meter: Tipsy

8. Straight Face

8 drinking game - that 70s show eric and steve

What you need: Drinks (and a sense of humour)

How to play: It's tough to keep a straight face when you're drunk and this game just makes it harder. You write funny or inappropriate sentences on small pieces of paper - ones that are tough to read while keeping a straight face - a tongue twister if you will. Each player picks up a chit and tries to read it out loud keeping a straight face. Anyone who giggles or reacts has to drink!

Drunk-o-meter: Tipsy

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9. Chug of War

9 drinking game - alia bhatt drinking

What you need: Bigger drinks

How to play: There are two ways to play this game. One, whoever chugs the drink first and puts down the glass wins. Two, you set a time limit and whoever finishes more in that time wins. That's the beauty of the game, in an urge to win you will drink more. Everybody wins (or everybody loses), haha!

Drunkometre: WASTED

10. Dirty Pint

10 drinking game - amy penny bernadette tbbt

What you need: Different drinks

How to play: If you and your girls have different taste in alcohol, this game is for you. Everyone puts some part of their drink in a common pint glass. Decide a person who goes first. This person flips a coin and calls it. If they're wrong, the dirty little pint is theirs to drink. If right, the person to their left flips the coin until someone's wrong. I mean, what are the odds!

Drunk-o-meter: Wasted

Happy Saturday Night, y'all!

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