5 Good Decisions That Will Make Life A Tad Peaceful For You (And People Around You!)

5 Good Decisions That Will Make Life A Tad Peaceful For You (And People Around You!)

Little things make a big difference in our lives. Sure, we have heard our parents say this to us a million times, but how many times have we actually thought about making those tiny changes? If you were looking for a sign, then consider this as one. Here is a list of small decisions that will make your life a little more comfortable. Trust us, these work!

1. Keep your phone charged at all times

It’s for your own safety. You may need to book an Uber or call a loved one urgently. Your phone really manages a lot in your life and you shouldn’t take it for granted.

1 Good Decisions That Might Make Life A Tad Comfortable 

2. Be cautious when you’re travelling

The concerns about your safety shouldn’t stop you from going places - don’t turn down your dream job because it’s an hour from home and don’t stop yourself from exploring a new city alone. But take precautions. When you call for an Uber, make sure you confirm the driver’s details and share them with your loved ones. Discovering a new city? Tell someone where you are and share your ride status with them.

3. And if you’ve partied a little too much...

Drinking and driving is not just dangerous for you, but for everyone around you. Don’t do it. Have a designated driver in your group or just call for an Uber and be responsible.

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4. Be conscious of your surroundings

Sometimes, we get too distracted or carefree, and that doesn’t always end well. It’s important to be mindful of what’s happening around you to avoid unanticipated situations like losing your phone or getting your wallet stolen.

5. Set up a list of emergency contacts

A lot of things will feel safe if you have a list of emergency contact numbers lined up when you need them. Also, 181 is women’s helpline number which you can dial any time of the day or night if you’re in trouble. 

7 Good Decisions That Might Make Life A Tad Comfortable

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