We’re Crushing On These Deadpool Watches That Are Trending This Week

We’re Crushing On These Deadpool Watches That Are Trending This Week

Deadpool has been in the news for so many reasons this week - from Ranveer Singh dubbing for the Hindi version to Ryan Reynolds killin’ it as usual. So, even if you’re not a fan, you will hear all the news around it. This week, we have found this cool Fastrack Deadpool collection will definitely bring you in on all the action. So, we have listed down five reasons you must check them out right now (and wear it to the theatre).

1. They add a quirky element to your personality

Bored of the conventional watch? These quirky watches will add to the drama and make you stand out in the crowd. Don’t believe us? Here’s a little sneak peak!

deadpool 3

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2. They have funny quotes from Deadpool

You can talk Deadpool even if you haven’t watched it. You’ll literally be wearing his words on your sleeve. Also, you’ll know why Deadpool is obsessed with Chimichanga… so much!

3. You’ll impress your friends who love superheroes!

Friends don’t need to be impressed, but it’s good to know that you like (and support) their fan fictions. PS: It will also make a great gift for your friend who is a Deadpool fan!


Like this? Get it here for Rs 995.

4. They come with a free movie ticket.

Speaking of a great gift, Fastrack is offering free movie tickets with every purchase. This is what we call a win-win!

5. They come in different colours and variants

You’ll love all the rich Deadpool colours like deep red and bright yellow that has been used in the design. Go bold this summer and add a pop of colour to your monochromes and whites.

deadpool %601

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This Fastrack Deadpool collection is also available on Flipkart.

*This is a sponsored post for Fastrack.