Orbiting: It's Possible You've Already Experienced This New Dating Trend

Orbiting: It's Possible You've Already Experienced This New Dating Trend

I'm so done with Dating trends. I mean when did it become such a game? Suddenly it's all about playing with the other person's mind and making sure that they're hooked but you, you can show no weakness. 

Well, there's a new one now, orbiting, and it's wholly possible that it may have happened to you as well. What is it, you ask? I'll explain. So you went on a date with a random guy and you thought he was cute. When you both were back home, you connected on social media - Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, and there was a second date. But then things fizzled out and frankly, you were okay with it. After all, there is plenty fish in the sea. But then, you figured that the guy was on top of the list of the viewers of your Instagram stories. He's one of the first people to check your Snapchat and Instagram stories and like your Facebook posts. Basically, he's kept you close enough to keep tabs on you but far enough that he's inaccessible to you.

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So why do people indulge in this behaviour which, at best, can be described as an extreme form of social media lurking and a milder form of ghosting? Well, according to popular opinion, there are two reasons: 

1. They have no idea what's happening

Some people don't really know what they're doing. They're as clueless as it gets and for them, it's just about watching your stories without thinking about the fact that you'll be able to see that they religiously watch your stories and follow you on social media.

2. It's all about power

They've been with you and but they're undecided about you so you're kept as a backup option while they peruse the market for what, in their mind, is a better catch. Plus, removing you from their friend lists will make it a little awkward for you, just in case you bump into each other at some point in time. It's a power high where they are at your mercy - they get to decide your fate together.

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When I heard about dating trends such as ghosting, catfishing and the worst of all, stealthing (which is basically sexual harassment), I was terrified. How do you keep up with these? How do you accept the fact that maybe the person you're interested in is going to ghost you or is maybe breadcrumbing you? 

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