Ultra Cool Earrings On Sale You Would Jump Through The *Hoop* For!

Ultra Cool Earrings On Sale You Would Jump Through The *Hoop* For!

What if I told you we had the secret to accessorising perfectly this summer with no effort required? Yes, I’m totally serious. Adding the perfect finishing touch does NOT require hours of planning and browsing shopping sites online. Whether it’s daytime chilling or night time partying, your answer to all kinds of dressing is… hoops. One kind, all occasions.

However, your everyday regular hoops will eventually feel like a snooze fest. What you need is a break - ok, I got carried away, not a break, but a breather from your good old hoops. Get ready to mix it up with 6 pairs of cool hoops that you want to add to your summer wardrobe NOW! P.S. They’re all discounted so you literally have no reason to not check them out:

1. Wild Ones

1. hoop earrings snake detail

These ‘snake’ earrings are a summer statement waiting to be made. This cool pair from Romwe would look great with a crisp white shirt, blue mom jeans, and casual leather finish pumps…  Can you believe you can get them for Rs 187 instead of the original Rs 536? Me neither.

Buy them here.

2. Drop The Ball

2. hoop earrings gold

What do you get when you add hoops and drop earrings? These ones from Oomph are cool and edgy and on sale. Yasss. Get this super cool discounted pair at 70% off, only for Rs 525!

Buy them here.

3. Starry Sight

3. hoop earrings with star tassels

All that glitters is gold. At least in this case. These starry hoop earrings from Style Fiesta are the perfect going-out find, aren’t they? Originally for Rs 699, this cool versatile pair is now only for Rs. 489!

Buy them here.

4. One Love

4. hoop earrings indie pick

When it comes to hoop earrings, we almost always think ‘western’. This indi-chic pair by Padmahastha is essentially Indian but would go brilliantly with your bohemian summer dresses too! Make ‘em yours for only Rs 244. Can you believe your luck?  

Buy them here.

5. Big Fun

5. hoop earrings super sized

Regular hoops will fly right out of your head once you out these oversized hoop earrings on. We’re adding these on-trend hoops by Style Syndrome to our carts right now. Only for Rs 769, that too!

Buy them here.

6. Flower Power

6. hoop earrings with flower detail

You can never have too many florals, spring or no spring. This pretty enamel pair is perfect for date night… better than regular old hoops any day, no? At a sale price of Rs 384, this cool buy pretty hard to resist, isn’t it?

Buy them here.

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