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Google & 8 Others Brands That Have Sneakily Entered Our Everyday Conversations

Google & 8 Others Brands That Have Sneakily Entered Our Everyday Conversations

‘I am going to Google this, Whatsapp the answer to you and you can Netflix and chill.’ See what I did there? These are trademarked brand names, but we have started using them in place of verbs.

We use these brands so often and so much that they are part of our lives, and our lingo. It’s also true that some brands have been more powerful with marketing and branding than others. We don’t ‘Bing it,’ do we?

So, read the following list and see how actions have been replaced by brand names.

1. Google

Words That Became Verbs Google

I Googled some of the brands that are on the list.

2. WhatsApp

Words That Became Verbs Whatsapp

I just Whatsapped a friend and made plans for this weekend. 

3. Netflix

Words That Became Verbs Netflix

And...we're going to Netflix and do nothing.

4. Skype

Words That Became Verbs Skype

This is how we stay close.

5. Photoshop

Words That Became Verbs Photoshop

This photo is SO Photoshopped!

6. Uber

Words That Became Verbs Uber

Why take an auto when you can just Uber there?

7. Facebook

Words That Became Verbs Facebook

Don’t let your boss see you Facebooking. It’s cool with us because we’re a digital media company!

8. Instagram

Words That Became Verbs Instagram

Do you #Instagram? Yep, we do too.

9. Paytm

Words That Became Verbs PayTM

Wait, I’ll Paytm the money to you.  

Gifs: Giphy.


Published on May 13, 2018
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