10 Different Ways You Can Wear Your Everyday Top Like Bollywood's Best!

10 Different Ways You Can Wear Your Everyday Top Like Bollywood's Best!

Being a fashion girl is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Because being one comes with the burden of always being on point and different. Of course, this weighs heavy on my mental health AND my wallet. It’s like everyday that I throw my closet door open, the fashion girl in me wakes up. Do you hear those voices too when you pick up a top to go with your jeans of the week (jeans are ok to repeat, thank god)? ‘Not that one, you wore that top last Tuesday’... ‘Not this one, this one is too short for this skirt’... ‘Are you serious? This one is too long’.

Wouldn’t it be just great if it were ok to have no more than a handful of everyday tops, including t-shirts, shirts, tops et al, and not feel ashamed of repeating them every few days? There is a way - you can get 10 different looks out of one top. Good deal, huh? From the half-tuck to the one shoulder, check out all these ways you can wear the everyday top:

1. The Regular

1. janhvi regular fiorucci top ways to wear everyday top

The regular way is regular for a reason. The top was meant to be worn that way so don’t try too hard to change that. Style your everyday top with unique bottoms like deconstructed jeans or an embellished skirt. Janhvi Kapoor shows you how it’s done in this everyday t-shirt by Fiorucci.

2. The Tuck

2. anushka sharma in nush top ways to wear everyday top

This popular way of wearing your everyday top shaves years off your age. Whether it’s a t-shirt like Anushka’s or a button-up shirt, it adds so much cute to your casual look and makes your outfit more presentable.

3. The Half-Tuck

3. sonam kapoor in simone rocha top ways to wear everyday top

Change up the whole vibe by half-tucking your everyday top into your bottoms. Watch it go from hum-drum to hot. Add a collar pop like Sonam Kapoor did with her gorgeous Simone Rocha button-up shirt, which she wore with good ol’ mid-rise mom jeans, at Cannes.

4. The Half Buttoned Cover-Up

4. katrina kaif ways to wear everyday top

Nothing works as a beach cover-up than a half-buttoned shirt. Katrina worked it like a pro when she was vacay-ing in the Maldives. The Bollywood star knows how it’s done, it’s time you do too. It’s sexy, edgy and the coolest way you could wear your everyday shirt.

5. The Cinch

5. deepika padukone in maison margiela top ways to wear everyday top

If you’re bored of wearing your oversized everyday tops the regular way, cinch it up around the waist. Just like our favourite, Dips, did with her Maison Margiela denim + plaid shirt on her way to Cannes earlier this month.

6. The Knot

6. sonakshi sinha in stussy top ways to wear everyday top

The standard crop doesn’t cut it anymore? Go street style like Sona by knotting your everyday t-shirts and shirts up. You can either knot it to the side like Miss Sinha or front and centre like Britney Spears.

7. The Sleeve-Up-Your-Sleeve

7. kangana ranaut in rosie assoulin ways to wear everyday top

Love Kangana’s one-shouldered top by Rosie Assoulin? We do too! Get the Bollywood star’s look with your everyday top by tucking one of the sleeves into the armhole and pin it to the side. Wear it with your favourite bottoms and voila!

8. The Half-Off

8. athiya shetty half off ways to wear your everyday top

All your everyday shirts are about to get so much sexier, and definitely more stylish! Take a cue from Bollywood starlet, Athiya Shetty, who’s wearing her regular white button-up shirt off one shoulder. All you have to do is unbutton the top two-three buttons and pull the collar back until you’ve achieved the look.

9. The Tube

9. sonam in toni maticevski top ways to wear everyday top

Another style hack for you! Get Sonam’s flirty look by wearing your loose everyday t-shirt or button-up shirt with your arms through the neck-hole. Tie the sleeves that hang on the side into a bow and there you have your favourite vacay top!

10. The Layer

10. mira kapoor in grassroot by anita dongre ways to wear everyday top

Mira Kapoor is one stylish Bollywood mummy, ain’t she? Wearing your everyday top as a layer is the last but the easiest trick in the book. Whether it’s over your sleeveless or cami tops, this summer or under a strapless dress during the winter, it works both ways!

Being a fashion girl isn’t so bad, now, is it?