This List Of Design Cafes In India Will Inspire Your Inner Artist!

This List Of Design Cafes In India Will Inspire Your Inner Artist!

Long gone are the days when cafes were basic and boring, serving up milkshakes in glass mugs. Times have changed and people are constantly looking for something to inspire their creativity. Enter - design cafes. Cafes that are often attached to design stores or bookstores make good workspaces and inspire those who visit. So, if you're someone who loves good food and art, here is a list of design cafes across India, you just can't miss. 

1. Cafe Dori, New Delhi & Mumbai

cafe dori design cafes

A brainchild of the minimalistic brand Nappa Dori, this cafe has a lovely vibe. You'll find yourself surrounded by their finest leather products and mouthwatering food. If you haven't been here yet, you're missing out. 

2. Higginbothams Writer's Cafe, Chennai

writers cafe chennai design cafes

This peaceful cafe is a writer's paradise. With pristine white interiors and comfort food (yum desserts!), this cafe and bookstore will soon become your regular hangout spot in the city. 

3. Fab Cafe, New Delhi & Mumbai

fabcafe design cafes

Fabindia's creation, this cafe plus store seamlessly merges into the aesthetics of the brand by keeping it simple and sophisticated with its colour scheme and Indian roots.

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4. Granth Book Store, Mumbai

granth bookstore design cafes

A bookstore with the perfect reading nook and steaming hot coffee, what more could a bookworm ask for?

5. Cafe Turtle, New Delhi

cafe turtle design cafes

You'll walk through the bookstore to make your way to a cute, cosy cafe with delicious vegetarian food. The ideal place to wonder about love and life with a bowl of yummy pumpkin soup. 

6. Wild Garden Cafe - Amethyst, Chennai

amethyst chennai design cafes

Shopping and food come together at this elegant cafe located in the heart of Chennai. It's the perfect brunching joint, featuring by some beautiful Insta-worthy corners

7. The Mad Teapot, New Delhi 

the wishing chair design cafes

Wishing Chair brings alive its quaint products with this cafe that truly does feel like the inside of a mad teapot. With fairy lights dangling from the ceiling, it transports you to a dream world. 

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8. NicoCaara, New Delhi

nicobar design cafes

This cafe is easy breezy, just like Nicobar studio's design aesthetics. Tables lined with ceramic cutlery, it helps you find art in simplicity. 

9. The Gallery Cafe, Hyderabad 

the gallery cafe design cafes

As the name suggests, the gallery cafe is an artist's dream come true. The artistic pieces here will inspire you to pick up the paintbrush yourself. 

10. Gunpowder, Goa


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A South Indian cafe that stands out from the rest on this list. Bursting at its seams with colour, you won't be able to stop yourself from shopping at their boutique. 

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