Why Women Need To Get On Board With Tailoring More Than Just For Indian Wear!

Why Women Need To Get On Board With Tailoring More Than Just For Indian Wear!

There is a reason why our mothers have such a pure and long-lasting relationship with their masterji! It's a relationship based on service and trust, with local tailors stitching pretty suits, blouses and a few other styles that might otherwise be too expensive to own. That is what I saw and did while growing up, scouring the local markets for the perfect fabric that my mom could turn into a gown for my school dance. While it was a great bonding experience, it also planted the seed for my love of fashion, which turned into a career as well. Thanks, mum!

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On the other side of the spectrum is my generation, women in their early twenties who have just started enjoying their newfound financial independence. With work, travel, parties and daily wear, clothing have become more than just an essential for us, it's a lifestyle. A majority of young women get their shopping in at malls and branded stores, with the exception of occasional tailoring for ethnic wear, young women usually opt for ready-to-wear. While there are many perks of buying pret, young women need to consider the tailoring solution more than they do now. With independent boutiques and local tailors offering a plethora of services, you can get pretty much anything stitched these days. Let's take a look at some of the monumental benefits of tailoring. 

1. You Get Your Pick Of Quality Materials


How often do you read the fabric composition of those flared dresses from Forever 21? Or when you thought you bought a summery cotton kurta but it turned out to be a poly-cotton blend that feels like paper on your skin when you sweat? Having complete control over the fabrics and trims that go into your clothes will add to the comfort you feel while wearing them. Also, shopping for fabrics is a ball on its own!

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2. It's The Best Fit You Will Get

As opposed to models' bodies we see in magazines and catalogues, in reality, women come in different shapes and sizes. Even high-end designer apparel suffer from a drop shoulder and ill-fitted waist here and there. Not to mention all the wardrobe upheaval you go through in case you gain or lose weight. This is where tailoring can step in, with proper measurements and extra fabric stitched in which help out during adjustments, you will never have to worry about a loose pair of trousers ever again.

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3. Your Wardrobe Will Reflect Personal Style And Effort

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Add a bit of lace here and a bit of beading there and your regular shift dress turns into a custom styled outfit made just for you! Tailoring is a good way to bring your personalised style statement at your wardrobe's door. A closet curated just for you will take effort, but the pay off is immense and filled with compliments and awe!

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4. Your Clothes Will Last Longer

In a world filled with mass-produced clothes, it will help to be a smart buyer. Your tailor can add many details to your clothes, from extra seams to secure the hem or gussets to avoid any accidental rips. With a few simple nips and tucks that can be done on your own, a tailored outfit is more long-lasting than anything you will buy that you have no idea where its come from

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5. It Will Save You Money In The Long Run

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With a kitty full of well fitted and stylish clothes you will less inclined to go shopping repeatedly to find a perfect outfit. Tailored clothes last longer and for a price much lower than expensive designer wear, you can fill your closet with clothes that look like a million bucks but really aren't!