10 Beauty-Full Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mommie Dearest!

10 Beauty-Full Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mommie Dearest!

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry for being a nuisance all year round! I may not appreciate you most days but this Mother’s Day here’s something to show you that I love you!

- Sincerely,

Chubby Menace

Every Mother’s Day you have an opportunity to tell your mother that you love and appreciate her. You could always buy her flowers and cake but we’ve found you 10 OTHER mother’s day gifts you can buy her to show her how much you care! Think about it, she’s always up for spending her time and money on loving and pampering you. Give her a Mother’s Day out by indulging in these pretty little things.

Check out our Mother’s Day beauty gift ideas

Bath and Body Products

mothers day gifts bath and body the body shop nykaa soap story

Pamper her on mother's day with some personal care products. These comforting bath and body products are perfect for that great start to every day! The Body Shop Strawberry bath and body kit (Rs 650 and above) is scented with the refreshing goodness of strawberries. It’ll keep her skin soft and radiant and she’ll think of you every morning!

If she’s not a shower gel and body butter kinda mommy, the Nykaa Soap story collection (Rs 945) is a set of handcrafted soaps that will help her take a break from all those harsh chemical soaps and let her start her day with delicious nut butter and creamy textures so that she can have her day begin on the best note possible.


mothers day gifts fragrances nykaa moi marc jacobs daisy

Buy her a light elegant fragrance that will leave a trail behind her. She is sure to fall in love with Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (Rs 4,750). It's not just a pretty bottle, the fragrance is light and feminine with light floral notes.

If you’re looking to mix it up and give her a few things, the Nykaa Moi collection (Rs 1,800) of fragrances might just be up your alley. The fragrances are designed in Paris and have irresistible sensual and floral notes.


mothers day gifts skincare estee lauder kiehls

She’s getting old whether she likes to accept it or not and we all know that she’d rather spend that money on you than herself. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (Rs 5,900) will help her wake up to healthier, plumper skin every single day. The serum is designed for women of all ages. It addresses fine lines, wrinkles and it’ll give her the skin the TLC she’s been trading off for all those things you’ve asked for! Another great product is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Rs 2,100)


Flower Arrangements

mothers day gift the flower company flower arrangements

Not just your regular floral bouquets, The Flower Company has a stunning set of Mother's Day arrangements (Rs 1,500 and above) that she will LOVE! Remember, flowers don't just look pretty but calm you down, soothe your senses and most of all, make you feel special!

Spa Day!

And if all else fails, take mommy to a spa for a long day of massage therapy! If she's been really stressed, opt for a four-hand massage. If she prefers a traditional massage, there's nothing better then an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage. Make it a mother-daughter spa day with a good ol' foot massage.