Bag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat 'Coz This Cath Kidston Vintage Design Is Available At 70% Off RN!

Bag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat 'Coz This Cath Kidston Vintage Design Is Available At 70% Off RN!

There is a special place in heaven for girls who love vintage... from clothing to accessories, these characteristic pieces of fashion are unique for a collector's closet. Known for it's unbelievably cute and adorable merchandise, Cath Kidston is a UK based brand that prides itself on being a modern vintage fashion house. With designs that tell a story, this brand stands out with it's whimsical looking products that no girly girl can avoid doing a double take over! 

The brand has recently started selling in India, both online and offline, with a limited number of stores that further enhances its exclusivity. We have been watching it closely and with baited eyes, waiting on their merch to go on sale so that we can nab a pice ourselves without succumbing to buyer's remorse. It seems that our prayers have finally been answered because their popular blue polka dotted design is on sale and we have it for you right here. 

cath kidston internal 1

The look is popular among fashion girls who love to add quicky details to their summer style. It's simple, pretty and totally versatile to go with any number outfits you can drum up from your wardrobe, including for work!

cath kidston internal 2

For their current collection that is available in the stores, a modified version of this cult look is available. With a smudged polka dot print, this playful sling can hold all your weekend away essentials without breaking a sweat.

cath kidston internal 3

Originally priced at Rs 6,345, this sling bag is now available at, after a whopping 70% price slash, Rs 1,904. The bag is lightweight, durable and made from breathable cotton interiors, you wouldn't even feel this adorable little thing tugging on your shoulders while you are out and about chilling on a bright Sunday afternoon.

Buy it here. Go ahead, treat yo'self!