Sonam & Anand's Traditional Wedding Ceremony Creates Controversy

Sonam & Anand's Traditional Wedding Ceremony Creates Controversy

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's lavish and star-studded wedding ceremony was all over the internet and soon, Sonam's Cannes 2018 looks would be. Now, it's come to our attention that a religious group in Punjab is upset with the wedding.

As reported by Tribune, the actress Sonam Kapoor and businessman Anand Ahuja, during their traditional "Anand Karaj" ceremony have courted a controversy over violation of the Sikh rehat maryada (tenets).

sonam kapoor and anand ahuja at their anand karaj

Image Source: Twitter

In the Anand Karaj ceremony, Guru Granth Sahib was brought from the Golden Temple in Amritsar and former head priest of the Golden Temple, Jaswinder Singh, was sitting behind the holy scripture to bless Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor. Hazoori ragi and ardasia (the person who performs ardas) were also present at the ceremony.

Former SGPC general secretary Sukhdev Singh Bhaur and former "Panj Pyaras" stated that SGPC staffers overlooked that Anand's kalgi from the turban was not removed in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, which is a violation. 

Sukhdev Singh Bhaur said, "It was a violation of Sikh tenets if anyone sits before Guru Granth Sahib with a kalgi on." 

They are now seeking the intervention of Akal Takht and are demanding action against the SGPC staffers because of whom this violation at the ceremony occurred. 

As suggested in some comments, it was the high priest's responsibility to inform the groom about it as he might not be aware of it.

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