An Open Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She's Not P.H.A.T (Pretty, Hot And Tempting!)

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She's Not P.H.A.T (Pretty, Hot And Tempting!)

A big hello to whoever is reading this!

I thought it was time I shared something personal and considering how many people I know who go through the same thing, somebody needed to talk about it. So here I go.

For somebody who has grown up idolizing Poo from Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham, thinking that she was the epitome of self-love (and a little bit of self-obsession), it was surprising when I found myself in the pit of self-pity for how I looked. I know I'm pretty but I'm not exactly the ideal weight, height or even what's considered conventionally good-looking. So there was bound to be a moment of self-doubt as I was constantly bombarded with images of how a beautiful woman was supposed to look.

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But, thankfully, for me, it was momentary. After that, I was back to being my P.H.A.T. self! For the uninitiated, P.H.A.T., in Poo's world, means pretty, hot and tempting! That does not necessarily mean that it is this easy for everyone to get over their insecurities. Everyone struggles with body image issues and some just have it a little worse than others do. But that's okay. Ever heard of the phrase - 'We're all in the same game, different levels. In the same hell, dealing with different devils.' Even the prettiest girl in your life may think that her nose is a little crooked or she's a little too thin. 

So, first things first, it is okay. It is okay to not like your body at the moment as long as you're working on accepting yourself for who you are. What's not okay and absolutely unacceptable is to sit in that pit of self-loathing and keep feeling bad. We're all unique, both in terms of our appearances and our personalities. And trust me when I say this, most people don't even notice 90% of the things you think are flawed. For them, that is what makes you, you - a beautiful and special human being.

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There will be a day when you look into the mirror and love what you see - despite the stretch marks, the size of your waist or what number the weighing scale shows. That is the day you should live for and work towards. The day you realise you're you and that's your superpower. So cheer up and don't waste even a day on something that might not even matter a few years later. How you look will change over the years and so will how you feel about it. But what will remain the same is that life is beautiful and the fact that even a moment wasted is a huge loss.

You have absolutely got to hold out for the better days. I've been there and I can promise you they are about to come. Wait it out if you don't believe me. Till then, tumhe koi haq nai hai tum itni khoobsurat lago!


A fellow struggler!

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