An Open Letter To My Little Sister On Her Wedding Day

An Open Letter To My Little Sister On Her Wedding Day

Dearest baby Aditi,

I know I still say baby, because that's what you are to me today, one day before you tie the knot with the man of your dreams, that's what you were the day mama papa brought you home to me and that's what you'll always be. I just wanted to write this letter to you to tell you how proud I am that you've gone from wearing a hair band and ponytails because I wore my hair like that into this beautiful, young woman, taking on this big world and now you have the kindest man by your side to help you do it.

Tomorrow will not only change your life but also all of ours in the best way possible. Our little Adie will be a married woman! Remember the times you used to put on mom’s makeup and drape her chunni as a saree and come to me and say, “Didi, do you think I’ll make a pretty dulhan?” The innocence in your eyes always made me giggle but now here we are making your dream of being a bride and reality.


We’ve held hands through it all, the time you didn’t want to go to school because you just wanted to play with dolls, the time you wanted to sneak out for the party in 11th grade that dad had forbidden you from and even all those times you cried when those stupid boys broke your precious heart. Even though I’m older, I always learned so much from you- like all those times mama and papa were fighting we’d be in our room and you’d put on Neembuda Neembuda and start an impromptu dance routine just so that I would be distracted. Today and every day I’m still here to hold your hand through it.

As we approach this big day I just thought some sisterly words of wisdom should be passed down. I am after all 6 years, a husband, and a child older, but not so sure about the wiser part (you know I’m just winging it as it comes, right!?)

I’ll start with this- you’re going to have a partner along with you during the big days of your life, the big parenting decisions, dealing with the parents and in-laws (oh, and those Ekta Kapoor soaps mama used to watch, no kidding, they’re kinda true), but you’ll also have someone to wake up with on Sunday mornings and do a closet cleaning session with. No matter how big or small just remember you’ll have fun during all of those times. But, trust me when I say this- sometimes fun and magic will come easily to the both of you and sometimes you’re going to have to try hard.

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Remember this Chotu, relationships aren’t easy and compromises are a must. There will be days that you’ll have to let him go for beers with the guys even though you want to spend the evening with him and there will be days that he’ll have to take on baby duty because your friend wants to watch a re-run of Sex and the City and eat ice-cream cause she had a fight with her boyfriend. But you’ll soon realise it is all worth it. Every night you’ll be able to come home and snuggle up to your favourite man (don’t tell papa I said that) and the compromises will just seem like a teeny-tiny price to pay.

So as I pen down my thoughts today, thinking about you in that gorgeous pink lehenga, I have tears in my eyes. I’m now not only your big sister but Kunaal’s too. I hope I live up to the task. But if you ask me, I’m crazy excited to have a new member in our little gang. Oh, and of course I’m going to take revenge during joota chupai tomorrow for what you did on my wedding! *muahahaha*


Adie, you’re going to make the most stunning, loving, and brightest bride tomorrow. And your dulhe-raja will be waiting for you at the mandap all ready to fall in love with that radiant smile all over again.

PS: Thank God I’m not your hair and makeup artist tomorrow, the last time I sat to cut your hair and give you fringes you had to go to school with half your eyebrow. (Not a good look for the D-Day, if you ask me!)

Enjoy the day baby, it’s your once in a lifetime fairytale day and we’re all here to make it as special as the one you’ve been dreaming about. You and Kunaal are going to live a joyful life together, grow old loving each other, learning new quirks about each other and making the best team ever. I am showering all my love, flowers, blessings and anything else I can get a hold on for the two of you. The way you two look at each other assures me that your adoration will last a lifetime and he’ll be there to protect you whenever I can’t.

Happy wedding day Chotu!

Lots of Love,

Anu Didi

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