If You're Not Doing These 9 Things During Your Courtship Period, Then Are You Even Engaged?!

If You're Not Doing These 9 Things During Your Courtship Period, Then Are You Even Engaged?!

At the beginning of a relationship, courtship is immensely important. Even though you might be dating your soulmate, you need to keep finding ways to keep the spark going. You need to remember that the time before you get married is the time when your partner needs to feel important so, the onus is on you to keep reinvigorating the courtship period. This, with not just vacations and fancy dinners, but smaller and more intimate other ways to make the courtship period the most memorable time of your life.

1. Stop being coy!

First things first, stop being coy as you need to open up to your would be husband. You need to feel that ease and comfort with him to be able to express yourself and talk about anything under the sun. Trust us, this will help you both to know each other better.


2. Plan to cook a meal together

You chop, he cooks, it’s a match in heaven! Isn't it? Not only that, if you are a Bollywood movie buff then you never know, a Yash Raj style romance moment might peep in between the two of you. How about that?

3. Join a dance class together

Join a dance class together and get some time to spend with each other. Even if you don't like dancing or can't dance well focus on spending time with your fiance. No romance gets better with his arms around your torso and your hands on his shoulders.


4. Introduce him to your gang

You can't do away without introducing him to your girl gang. He is a part of your life now and needs to gel as good with your gang as much you do. This will help you to plan outings and get double the time with your friends and fiance.

5. Let him know about those butterflies

You might be nervous and missing his calmness around you. You might have butterflies in your tummy thinking about your wedding day. Let him know about those feelings. It may sound like a Rajshri style romance, but trust us it's going to make you two feel amazing.


6. Plan the wedding together

You may have a wedding planner and your family doing all the planning about how the wedding will turn out to be. But you have your own likes and dislikes also, discuss it with your fiance and try to incorporate those into the wedding. This will help you understand, adjust and strike a balance between the two of you.

7. Give him compliments

Just as you take efforts to dress up and impress him every time you step out with him, so does he. Maybe he is wearing your favourite colour or your favourite shirt, don't miss out on praising him. Compliments coming from you mean a lot to them. Probably, the only ones he cares about.


8. Plan your honeymoon

You have been waiting for this and don't shy away from putting your heart out in front of your fiance. Plan your honeymoon and everything you wish to on your honeymoon. This will surely ignite the sparks between the two of you and that feeling of you two being alone far away in a land where nobody knows you, is a romantic feeling in itself.

9. You can get naughty

Once in a while, there's no harm in getting cheesy or naughty. Send some flirty texts and good night- good morning kisses to him. It will make his day. Make the most of Whatsapp emojis as they convey a lot more than words could. 


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