*Sale* Through The Season With These Discounted Work Bags!

*Sale* Through The Season With These Discounted Work Bags!

Isn’t it great to have a killer work wardrobe? The best pantsuits, skirts and even work worthy Indian wear? Yes, it does. But to make an office outfit work, your accessories need to be on point as well. Especially your bags. And with work, there are several kinds: totes, satchel or crossbody bags, top handles, laptop bags and more. What if I told you, you could get each one of these at a discount? Yes, here’s a line-up of 7 kinds of work bags that you can buy online, and are on sale right now!

1.The Laptop Bag

1 toteteca laptop bag sale alert work bag

Make work more fun with this vibrant floral print! Stylish AND on sale - down to Rs 1,360 from Rs 1,999. With a tan leather finish, not your average (boring) laptop bag, is it?

Buy it here.

2. The Tote

2 romwe tote set sale alert work bag

It’s spacious and oh-so-stylish! Whether it’s western wear or Indian, this brown tote bag will look great with everything. It comes with a pouch (that can double up as a clutch) and is priced at Rs 741 only with 65% off - you know you want it.

Buy it here.

3. The Satchel

3 mast   harbour satchel sale alert work bag

Get the perfect professional look, nailing your look at the same time. How? Just carry this on-sale but stylish satchel bag with your formal outfits. In case you were wondering, it’s priced at 60% off - Rs 679 only!

Buy it here.

4. The Top Handle

4 lulu and sky top handle bag sale alert work bag

Have a big meeting and have everything to dress to impress, except an on-point bag to finish? This mustard top handle bag to the rescue… at 65% off. Earlier priced at Rs. 4,299, they’re now for Rs 1,505 only! Gotta love sales.

Buy it here.

5.  The Office Backpack

5 roadster-Women-Backpacks sale alert work bag

Leather finish backpacks add a whole lotta ‘cool’ to your formal office looks. Make this chic PU backpack yours on sale at 50% off! P.S. It’s big enough for your laptop too!

Buy it here.

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