The Emotions That A Bride & Her Sister Go Through... This Photo Shoot Captures It All!

The Emotions That A Bride & Her Sister Go Through... This Photo Shoot Captures It All!

If there is one day that is more special for a girl than her own wedding, it's got to be her sister's wedding. And believe it or not, your sister will be more excited than you for all the festivities. Yes, you're the one experiencing the big shift, but your sister too will experience a whirlwind of emotions. She'll be happy that you found your Mr Right, she'll be excited about all the wedding fun but she'll also be super sad that you're leaving. All these emotions are hard to put into words. But like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and so we tried to capture the beautiful bond between a bride-to-be and her sister in our latest real bride photo shoot. The getting ready, the masti and definitely all the love... Here you go:

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Our bride for the shoot is a famous bridal makeup artist, Shruti Sharma. The one who has decked up so many girls for their big day is going to be a bride herself, so you can imagine her excitement. Her sister, Sonal accompanied her for the shoot and was visibly pumped about it. Dressed in gorgeous Ridhi Mehra outfits, jewellery from Apala and photographed by the award-winning and internationally acclaimed duo Lakhbir and Sundeep Singh of DotDusk, Shruti and Sonal clearly had a blast shooting at Andaz, Delhi. Let's not wait any further, let's get to all the beautiful pictures.

Meet the bride - Shruti

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The bride-to-be is a famous makeup artist based in Delhi. Her work is much loved by her clients and we could see why. She did her own makeup for the shoot, as well as her sister's and both of them looked stunning. 

Meet the sister - Sonal

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Sonal is the spitting image of her elder sister, Shruti and just as much fun as her. She works at Comic Con India and comes packed with lots of energy and positive vibes. While Shruti was clearly more comfortable in front of the camera, Sonal complemented her bride-to-be sister perfectly well. 

Our day out with the Sharma sisters

ridhi mehra real bride shoot 40

The day kicked off with the sisters and our amazing photographers arriving at Andaz, a beautiful property by Hyatt located near the Delhi airport. The buzz and energy in our suite was palpable with so many things happening all at once. In one room the bride was prepping herself for the shoot, while her sister sifted through the outfits. And we have to admit, the Sharma sisters knew their fashion just right. 

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Shruti picked a gorgeous grey lehenga for her first look. What all of us especially loved was the heavily tasselled blouse.

ridhi mehra real bride shoot 20

She picked a dainty necklace and matching earrings to go with the dress and kept her makeup minimal. The pop pink lipstick stood out beautifully against the grey lehenga. 

ridhi mehra real bride shoot 16

Sonal picked a stunning red lehenga that came with a sexy spaghetti strap blouse and tassel detailing at the hem. The lehenga was paired with a delicate net dupatta.

ridhi mehra real bride shoot 21

She accessorized her all-red outfit with a statement cocktail ring and earrings that made all of us sit up and take notice. Sonal's makeup base was kept natural and dewy with smokey eyes for all the added effect. 

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So gorgeous, right?

Moving on to the next outfits!

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For her second look, Shruti chose a blood red lehenga that came with the most dramatic blouse ever! A plunging neckline with tassel sleeves, the blouse gave the effect of a long jacket thanks to the never-ending tassels that ran from the waist down. Now isn't this exactly what every bride wants to wear at her cocktail night?!

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She accessorized her look with a pair of stunning kundan jhumkas, an oversized kundan ring and a bunch of statement kadas. Her hair was styled in natural beach waves that we absolutely love. Brides with short hair - take note!

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Sonal looked like the perfect bridesmaid in her lavender-coloured lehenga, with similar dramatic tassel sleeves. If you want to coordinate with your bride-to-be sister for one of the functions, picking a similar style or silhouette is a great idea. 

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We have to admit that the sisters made for a stunning duo!

Rapid fire, anyone?

In the end, we decided to have some fun with Shruti and Sonal and played a round of rapid-fire with them. Their answers and more importantly, their banter was just hilarious!

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We asked Sonal what Shruti's favourite food was and her answer was:

"I think it's bharta... Right?"

To which Shruti's immediate response was:

"Eww no, disgusting!"

Well, in Sonal's defense, Shruti apparently did like bharta as a kid. Moving on to the next question. We asked Sonal who was Shruti's favourite Bollywood actor.

"Akshay Kumar... she has had the hugest crush on him since forever!"

And yes, this was the right answer. When we asked the same question to Shruti about Sonal, she said:

"Salman Khan!"

Which wasn't so right, after all!

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The last question was the most interesting. We asked Sonal about Shruti's most irritating habit...

"She ignores me when I sleep talk!!! Like, just ignores me!"

Shruti laughed really hard at this one and explained:

"This one wakes up in the middle of the night and starts talking about random stuff. Now, I just ignore her and keep doing what I'm doing."

And as for what irritates Shurti most about Sonal... 

"She takes forever to tell me something. She will go on and on about the backstory, but never comes to the point. So, even after 15 minutes of conversation, I'll still have no idea what the main point is!"

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And with that, it was pack up time! Shruti is all set to tie the knot this August in South Africa. We can't wait to see the gorgeous sisters rocking it at the wedding!