Kylie’s Fendi Pram & Other Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Designer

Kylie’s Fendi Pram & Other Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Designer

It was a warm summer evening in Calabasas, California, when the 20-year-old new mom Kylie Jenner decided to take her 2-month-old daughter, Stormi out for a stroll. Except she is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. She stopped for a few selfies along the way, and the whole world stood up (on Twitter & Instagram) to take notice… of the pram!

Emblazoned with Fendi logos, what also couldn’t be missed was that Kylie herself wore an H2T logo’d Fendi ensemble. Was the stroll a by-product of her wanting to get that perfectly matching selfie, was this a sponsored post by Fendi or a sort of barter or was it just a happy coincidence? There’s no way to tell. Except maybe Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Life of Kylie, but that seems like too much effort if you ask us.  

The KarJens have always been strong proponents of logomania – blame it on their affinity to show off that ludicrous amount of wealth. And they are just an example of how we have hit peak logomania. It started with a few t-shirts, belts and bags, innocent enough. The logos got progressively bigger, because how else would you see it in a selfie? And has finally reached its peak with well, a Fendi pram (that’s probably on all new moms’ wishlists).

We rounded up the most surprising things you didn’t know you could buy from luxury brands, as opposed to a company that actually specialises in them and for one-tenth the price.  

Kylie’s Fendi Pram

kylie fendi
This is going to be topping our list for now. Also, for the next stroll, may we suggest Guccy, Kylie? Alessandro Michele’s misspelt take on his own label’s logo-craze is not only ironic but also kinda genius. Those counterfeiters never saw it coming!  

Louis Vuitton rubbish bins aka Kim’s dumpsters

kim LV

Are you surprised #2 on this list is big sister, Kim Kardashian? Let’s not forget she’s the OG! Or have you forgotten her by her bestie, Paris’s side, always with those LV Speedys. The whole fam has graduated to Birkins now, ‘coz Speedys are so nouveau riche! We did a little digging, and no LV doesn’t make rubbish bins. But having house designer Nicolas Ghesquière on speed dial must have its privileges.  

Pooch Bags (where Paris’s dogs' live)

Gucci dogbag

Talk about ways to show off your wealth and NOT mention Paris Hilton? We wouldn’t dare. The same Paris whose take on the clear plastic bag was to carry one around with cash scattered all over it. Paris started the trend of stuffing the pooch in the pouch. The woman made chihuahuas a fashion accessory, people! If you’ve got a pooch, you can get a designer pouch from Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton et al.

Supreme Brick

supreme brick

Taking an ironic take on the logomania going just a bit out of hand is of course Supreme. Supreme knows to make weird random things that people will camp outside its store for. So they made more - flashlights, sleeping bags, and portable speakers - all so they could get inside and buy the most coveted of all - the Supreme brick.

A Balenciaga Comforter Bag

Balnciaga comforterLet’s get this straight. So Demna Gvasalia actually sat down at some point and thought, “Enough of these Biker bags and oversized clothing and putting ugly people on the runway, let’s do something different! Let’s make… a bag for people’s comforters!” Umm.. okay then.  

Prada Paperclips  

prada paperclip

The rich and famous can’t possibly clip their papers together with an ordinary paperclip. What if someone looks at it and notices the absence of a logo? What will they think?

Image source: Instagram