Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Want To Get Married! (If They're Not Already Asking You To)

Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Want To Get Married! (If They're Not Already Asking You To)

Okay, so you've been with your boyfriend long enough to realise that he is 'the one' for you? Well, congratulations, half your task is done. But the second half is yet to come and it's going to be sighty difficult to achieve - telling your parents about him and the fact that you want to marry him. See, unless your folks are the super chill, you will have to make some efforts in convincing them! Here are 6 super clever ways of telling your parents about your guy that will surely help you convince them!

1. Introduce him as your friend first, easy peasy!

If you're expecting a cool conversation when you spring an information as important as this on your parents, then God be your saviour. So, before you go on confessing your unending love for your boyfriend to your parents, just introduce him to them as your friend first. That way, he will get time to warm up to them a bit and when you finally do tell them the entire thing, it won't come as such a shock. Just be considerate of their emotions too! 

telling your parents you want to get married

2. Tell them to arrange 'chai and samosas' *wink*

If your parents are of the 'chill' variety, then there is really no problem. You can just go and tell them that you've found their damaad. But if you still find it very weird to talk to them about it straight away, then you can just tell them to arrange for snacks because somebody is coming to meet them. It'll give them the hint that this someone is special to you.  

3. Have someone put you in a spot in front of them, clever eh?

This is the cleverest idea of them all, really! If your parents have been talking to you about your wedding, and you've just not had the courage of telling them that you've already found a guy, then the best way to do it is to have your sibling or friend put you in a spot in front of them. They could tease you about your guy or even tell your parents that you have something to tell them, and then when you have their attention, you wouldn't be able to get out of it. Genius right? I know!

friend teasing a friend telling your parents you want to get married

4. Have him help you out with something major and the parents will automatically start liking him!

So, this actually happened to my sister. She was in working in Mumbai and her boyfriend of 5 years was also living there. She had been trying to tell our parents about the guy for the longest time but would always chicken out. And then fate took charge. There was some major issue with her bank account and a huge sum of money went mysteriously missing. Her boyfriend's dad was a bank manager himself, so he guided her through all the procedures and that is how our parents and his parents got in touch and developed a repo. My parents started adoring her guy so much that they came and told her if she found him suitable to get married to.

See, it all worked out pretty well! So, you could also think of such a situation (no, don't rob your own bank account), where you could get the guy in touch with your parents without having to say anything.

5. Tell the cooler one first and mission will most probably be accomplished!

Yeah, this is easy! Divide and rule - every set of parents have one who is strict and other who is comparatively chiller. So, just tell the cooler one first and then it will be their responsibility to make the strict one come around. Cool idea, right? 

cool mom telling parents about boyfriend

6. Abhi tak nahi bataya? Just rip the band-aid already!

If you've been thinking about telling your parents for the longest time and haven't been able to, then I guess it's time to just rip off the band-aid. Don't give yourself any more time to wait or think about it, just go to them and come out clear about your feelings. And then just wait for them to give you an answer. Nothing is going to happen if you don't even initiate it. 

P.S. Ask for their opinion too, don't just thrust yours on them! If you keep saying your thing and never acknowledge their concerns, chances are that they will never happily agree to the wedding. So, listen to what your folks have to say too!

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