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12 Kickass Responses When Someone Asks 'Have You Put On Weight?'

12 Kickass Responses When Someone Asks 'Have You Put On Weight?'

People can be pretty nosy, can't they? They often believe they have a right to comment on your body and in certain incidents, even body shame you. Because let's be honest, we've all had someone or the other come up to us and ask, "Have you put on weight?" And I detest that question! It's none of your business. 

Sometimes, maybe I have gained weight and I'm struggling with it, or maybe I'm just bloated thanks to my period, which means I am definitely pissed off. Why bother people with this pointless question when obviously they've noticed changes in their own body? I'll never really understand. So instead, I made a list of funny and witty replies you can give people who are crossing the line of comfort and watch the colour wash out of their faces. 

1. No, I swallowed a baby 

And it was yummy!

01 responses have you put on weight

2. I'm filling myself up with air, so I can fly away from your bullshit 

Up, up and away. 

3. How rude, Besharam!

You should be ashamed of yourself.

03 responses have you put on weight

4. Aww, I'm glad you noticed. The pizzas seem to be working. 

I've spent a lot of money on this! #NeverForget #TreatYoSelf

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5. You really need to find a better way to pass your time. 

How vella are you?

05 responses have you put on weight

6. Stop staring at me, freak. 

I'm going to have to ask you to leave. 

7. Life is too short to care about your opinion. 

Get gone and shut up. 

07 responses have you put on weight

8. How considerate of you to let me know. I didn't seem to notice the changes in my body. 

I own a mirror, you know?

9. It's all about that bass, no treble. 

Meghan Trainor would not approve of you. 

09 responses have you put on weight

10. Yes, your son had the same thoughts last night. 

But he said I still looked beautiful in bed.

11. More of me to love and hold!

It's a public service really, this world needs and deserves my awesomeness. 

11 responses have you put on weight

12. And? That's a topic of conversation because?

How absurd can you be?

Nobody deserves to belittle you girl! You're a queen and your body is a wonderland, treat yo self. 

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