Your Ultimate Guide For Putting Together The Perfect Wedding Trousseau

Your Ultimate Guide For Putting Together The Perfect Wedding Trousseau

'Let’s go trousseau shopping!' This has to be the most exciting statement for a bride ever! But it can also turn into a nightmare if you end up buying something you don't really love, you will be left with no time to regret. You need a sense of practicality too. To make your wedding shopping fun and smooth, we list out a guide of a few do’s and don’t. Read on to know how to nail your bridal shopping and what mistakes to avoid.

1. Make a note of things you already have

First things first, you need to make a list of things you already have that can be a part of your wedding trousseau, like, new clothing, handbags, footwear, jewellery, make-up, and other must-haves. We are sure your mother would have started curating little, little things for your trousseau much before you even thought of marriage. There's no point in spending on things you already have.

1 Ultimate Guide To Trousseau Shopping

2. Get a mix of Indian and western

Just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean you only have to pick traditional stuff for yourself. It’s always ideal to pick a mix of Indian and western for your trousseau to ensure maximum wearability. Say, a pair of dhoti pants and a beautifully embellished crop or ruffled top won’t do any harm.

Buy this gorgeous silver shaded dhoti pants for just Rs 400 here.

3. Save where you can

One of the best tips we came across is to not let your tailor know that you are the bride. If you do that, there are chances he will charge you much more than he usually does for the same stuff.

3 Ultimate Guide To Trousseau Shopping

4. Experiment with your blouse designs

Gone are the days when you would only stick to the same old designs and cuts. The fashion world has given us so many trends to look up to. Avoid going the conventional way. Instead, pick some ruffled or tasselled sleeves, or quirky prints to pair it up with your choice of saree.

Buy this beautiful blue raw silk embroidered blouse for Rs 597 here.

5. Wait for the annual sale

The annual sale kicks off twice in a year. Once in August and once at the year-end in December. Make the most of it. Wait for the annual sales to kick in and shop all that you can. You will end up getting more for much less. Isn’t that a great deal? In fact, a lot of big designers like Tarun Tahliani and Abu-Sandeep have big sales where you'll definitely find simpler outfits as well as bridal lehengas on sale. We would advise yousign up for SMS alerts from the brands or follow them closely on social media to know of any sales. 

5 Ultimate Guide To Trousseau Shopping

6. Make a note of must haves

If you're confused about what all you should be buying to start off your married life in style, here’s all that you can’t miss out on. High heels, clutches, lingerie, a couple of saris and Indian suits, make-up essentials, a classic LBD, some semi-formal tops, a nice perfume or two and two really smart and edgy bags. You don’t need to go for those cliche red blingy bridal bags.

7. Don’t stress about, ‘Log kya kahenge’

We know a lot of brides stress about things like ‘Log kya kahenge’ and end up buying things to please others. DON’T! It’s your wedding and you can pick whatever you want and what suits you best. Those are things which you are going to use and should make you feel good, not others. This is the biggest mistake brides often make. We strongly suggest not to.

7 Ultimate Guide To Trousseau Shopping

8. Get your bridal jewellery on rent

Your wedding is definitely the most special day in your life but to celebrate it, do you need to spend a fortune? You know that you would probably wear that heavy piece of jewellery only a few times post the wedding, and otherwise, it sits in your bank locker. This is why jewellery rental portals can come to your rescue. If people can rent out designer lehengas why not do the same for your jewellery? It's a good idea to think about to save up on your wedding expenditures.

Get this super elegant antique gold plated and stone studded choker necklace and maang tikka set on rent for just Rs 1,100 here.

9. Get your budget on point

Amidst all the confusion, you may shell out a bit more but wasting money should be avoided. Have a conversation about the must-haves with your mother, as well as your planner if you have one. That would help you to stick to your budget. We say, spend big but don't waste. 

Happy shopping brides!

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