#BrandNewPOPxo: Your Go-To Guide To The POPxo Makeover

#BrandNewPOPxo: Your Go-To Guide To The POPxo Makeover

We can't stop talking about POPxo's new makeover! It's as if we had one ourselves! We're so hyped about it because not only does it look awesome, but we know the new features are going to totally change your life! Here’s everything you need to know about #POPxoBrandNew so you can enjoy it all as much as we do!

We've introduced Pia - POPxo's New Interactive Assistant. She's not just an 'Avataar', she has a whole cool personality. Most importantly, she's your guide to all things POPxo. Her #PiaSays or #Piaisms range from "I like my coffee to be as hot as my gossip!" to "I run on gossip, sarcasm, fries and sometimes the treadmill" - she has strong opinions on everything. She has lots of advice to give - from reminding you to drink water and breathe - or just to wish you a lovely day. Pia has your back.

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The content is going to be better than ever before because, now, it's all about what matters to you. We are working double-time to bring you the latest in everything + daily digests on the best sales, deals and cool new products and experiences.

Order Food: Come across a food video and you're hit with sudden hunger pangs? Well, now, you can order delicious food on Swiggy through POPxo straight away.

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Users will now get a chance to create even more content! Through polls, questions and answers, and chat groups, everyone (as long as they are female!) will get a chance to talk about anything they want in a completely safe environment, without judgement. From sex to outfit ideas, to make-up looks, the POPxo platform is all yours - to discuss what you want with other women. Click on the ‘+’ button - and ask and poll away!

Your POPxo feed is now personalised to suit what you want and love to see. If you're a fashion lover, that's what will show up first and if you love knowing the latest news and gossip, ‘POPxo Daily’ - our lifestyle feed has all that's trending and breaking the internet. It’s easy to filter - check out our “I want to see” button that’s right on top. Only want to see fashion and beauty polls? simply choose and click.


Navigation is also super simple - click on Pia on the bottom right corner and she will take you exactly where you want to go. As always, the “My Feed” button at the bottom is your way home. But, wait, we've not told you the best part yet. Now all your daily needs and most useful tools will be in one place.

Book Cabs: Need to book a cab? You can now do it on POPxo itself! You will get redirected to a booking page. It'll even remind you to book a cab if you've forgotten to do so.

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Track your period: Never be caught off-guard by your period again! We have you covered with Gulabo - the sassy POPxo period tracker. You'll get reminders when your period date is approaching with funny one-liners that'll make you laugh the period blues away.


Your Daily Horoscope: It’s a feature we built because you asked. You will be told what the day has in store for you. All you need to do is sign up.

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