What Does It Mean If You And Your Partner Have The Same Zodiac Sign?

What Does It Mean If You And Your Partner Have The Same Zodiac Sign?

Whether you're a strong believer in the stars or not, we've all read up on the signs that we are most compatible with out of sheer curiosity, haven't we? But what isn't written about enough is how compatible are you with someone of the same star sign? Learning that the guy you like is the same zodiac sign as you can make you feel an instant connection, but the more you think about it, you'll realise that he could flaunt your traits - good and bad, right back at you.

So is a relationship with someone of the same zodiac sign a good idea? We look at the good and bad of this for each sign. Read on to know if your match could be made in heaven, or end in disaster!

Aries With Aries

Both of you have fiery personalities, two hot-heads with equally impulsive traits. This relationship could be a ticking time bomb thanks to your competitive personalities - you both always want to be right and get your way, which will never work unless the both of you learn to compromise. If you try to make it work though, you can trigger each other's passionate side and can have fun together.

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Taurus With Taurus

Taureans are stubborn folk, so if you're both on the same track, this could work beautifully but if you have disagreeing thoughts, be prepared to adjust your comfort zones which may be tricky for you. Your otherwise balanced personalities and want for stability can work in your favour for a strong relationship, particularly if you have common interests.

Gemini With Gemini

The energy that a Gemini brings to a relationship will be doubled in your case, ensuring that you two will never get bored with each other. However, this could be a very unpredictable match. There's room for only one of you to be the wild one, while the other would have to be the stable one in order to make this work. You can make this last but it will call for a lot of hardwork. 

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Cancer With Cancer

Being one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, you'll both be on the same sensitivity scale. This can be an issue when you're in a relationship with other signs that aren't on the same emotional wavelength as you. Whereas two Cancerians are equally nurturing and loving, you both enjoy staying home together and snuggling. The only hiccup can be dealing with each other's mood swings.

Leo With Leo

Leos love to bask in the attention, so unless you both are willing to shower each other with equal attention, this may not work. It can be a volatile relationship. Both of you are passionate which could mean amazing sex but your dominating personalities could clash outside of the bedroom. The only way to make this work is mutual respect for each other.

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Virgo With Virgo

The selfless and generous personality of a Virgo can make this relationship a lasting one. You can be great pillars of strength and support for the other and can push each other to achieve your dreams, just try not to be too critical with one another and don't overanalyse things. Your common interests can bring out the best in your relationship.

Libra With Libra

This could be a great union if you're willing to be transparent with each other. In your bid for harmony, you may focus more on keeping up superficial appearances of happiness while ironically, holding grudges from within. Honesty, communication and acceptance are what you should work on to tap into the true potential of this relationship.

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Scorpio With Scorpio

Scorpions are passionate people but are also deeply mysterious and intriguing. You don't want to take that mystery factor too far though or it could end up in feelings of jealousy and suspicion. Since your personalities are also prone to envy, it's important to share your feelings with each other to avoid trust issues. Scorpions are driven by desire, so no matter how much you fight, that's what will keep the passion alive.

Sagittarius With Sagittarius

A sense of healthy competition will make this relationship a fun one. You both have strong opinions which help push each other and create a platform for healthy discussions and fun activities. The trouble you may face though is when it comes to commitment. One of you may want to settle down while the other may want more space and freedom. Make sure you are both on the same page.

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Capricorn With Capricorn

You both are realists and perfectionists, which could make this a good match. You can be yourself with each other and your practical nature helps both of you understand the other's need for space. Your relationship can grow thanks to shared interests, though personal ambitions and aspirations can come between you.

Aquarius With Aquarius

Open-minded and patient, a relationship between two Aquarians can be a good idea since you're both very tolerable people, which works well when it comes to your eccentric natures. You could be the best of friends. However since both of you shy away from emotions, there is a need to step out of your comfort zones and define those feelings to take things to the next level.

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Pisces With Pisces

Two dreamers floating around in a fantasy is the best way to describe this bond. You tend to be gullible, believing that your better half can do no wrong. You need a strong anchor to secure this relationship in the real world.

In conclusion, same-sign relationships can be opportunities to get to know your partner as well as yourself better and observe your traits with an objective view, which can lead to self-acceptance.

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