Types Of Taxi Passengers That All Uber Drivers Have Experienced

Types Of Taxi Passengers That All Uber Drivers Have Experienced

How many people do we met and interact with every day? Ten, may be 15. The number is much higher in the case of a cab driver whose job demands meeting new people daily. Sometimes, it can be fun and the other times, not so much. So, I spoke to a few UBER drivers to know the kind of riders they meet every day. You guessed it, some hilarious responses ahead!

1. The Boomboxer

It’s good to be in your own world. But sometimes, just sometimes, the world gets acquainted with your ‘own world’ too intimately. Forgetting to use earphones may be one of the reasons that the UBER driver knows that your family sent a ‘Not Waking Up Early Can Cause Cancer’ video or that you’re a Belieber!

1 types of passengers in a taxi

2. The Backseat DJ

“Can you change that song? And this one? And this one?” Some passengers come with their own playlist. Sometimes, they want to take control and the other times they urge the cab driver to take part. So, these riders will have an instruction manual guiding the cab driver to play their jam. Controlling them (or the music player) from the back seat!

3. The Major Rager

When you have a little too much fun, know that we appreciate the fact that you choose to take the cab instead of driving. But when it gets a little too much to handle, guess who needs to dial it down? The driver! A sloshed passenger who can’t remember the way home or pass out on the back seat is the worst nightmare for a cabbie.

2 types of passengers in a taxi

4.The Chatterbox

From “Which school does your kids go to?” to “What’s your maasi’s son’s name?”, these passengers want to know everything. In a ride of 15 minutes, they will play 20 questions with the drivers and bombard them with a rapid-fire until ‘You have arrived’ flashes on their screen.The drivers tell us these are their favourite kind of passengers!

5. The Backseat Driver

These passengers give their drivers directions: which route to take, which lane to drive on and most importantly, how to drive. They sometimes even challenge the GPS-enabled navigation system with Google Maps that each driver uses. If you’re one of them, you might want to trust the driver and the technology he’s using.

5 types of passengers in a taxi

6. The Wrong Move

These are the antithesis to the ones above. Wrong locations, wrong direction and poor sense of timings. And even though they can edit or pin their location, they will be on the other side of the road when the driver comes to pick them up. The app is pretty accurate and very simple, guys. The driver never does it on purpose. Just saying!

7. The Call Me Definitely

These riders call the cab drivers every five minutes to know where they are. They keep pacing on the road, panicking that the driver will cancel the ride or pick someone else by mistake. Basically, they’re all of us, just with ten times more the anxiety. Trace the map, guys, and take a deep breath! He is coming for you. He ain’t gonna run away.

7 types of passengers in a cab

*This post is in association with Uber.

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