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Top 10 Art Residencies In India To Feed Your Creative Soul

Top 10 Art Residencies In India To Feed Your Creative Soul

Being an artist in India comes attached with social stigma, but we forget that these are the people who make the movies we watch, the books we read and the posts we share all over our social media feed. So, what can be done to make the process of being an artist easier? Well, art residences in the country are working towards providing a platform to those who are creatively inclined. Not only do they offer exposure to the artist, but the environment of working with other creative souls in a studio can be inspiring. Whether you're a writer or a painter, you can apply to one of these 10 art residencies in India and hone your skills as an artist. P.S. most of them launch their sessions at random months through the year, so it's best to keep an eye out. 

1. North 

This traditional, Himachali forest life artist residency is off-the-grid. It nests in Himachal Pradesh and travels around. North only has an Instagram page, but you contact them via email and find solace in the hills. Their volunteer programmes usually last a month or two and are specifically aimed at traditional Himachali arts and crafts. 

2. KYTA - Karma Yatri Travel and Art

An experimental art residency in Kalga, Himachal Pradesh, KYTA invites artists and visionaries from across the world to either focus on a solo project or produce collaborative artistic results. Can you just imagine finding your muse in the hills? Sounds divine. 

3. What About Art?


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Set up in 2013, What About Art? is an international arts residency based in Mumbai. The residency promotes and encourages the practice of the moving image and video art. 

4. Khoj 

This Delhi-based artist residency is famous for its PEERS program, a four-week residency for upcoming artists and one resident critic. Young artists from various disciplines including art, architecture, media, performance/performing art and design are welcomed. 

5. Sangam House Writing Residency

A writer's specific residency in Nrityagram, on the outskirts of Bengaluru, is a great way to meet other writers and explore different writing techniques. You can work on your skills while making lasting personal and professional relationships. 

6. The Mirage Andretta

This unique yoga and artist retreat promises you a spiritual journey that will enlighten you. The Mirage is located in Himachal Pradesh and also has a Himalayan retreat you can apply to. 

7. Pepper House Residency


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Set up in Pepper house, Fort Kochi, Pepper House Residency Programme is a collaborative residency of different artists in a studio space. The Pepper House consists extensive studio facilities (for production), the Laboratory of Visual Arts library (for research), and the Pepper House cafe (for dialogue). 

8. Art Ichol

Art Ichol is a creative escape that offers three estates - The Art Ichol skill centre, Amaria - the writer's retreat and The Maihar Heritage Home, each with its own unique experience located near the village of Ichol, Madhya Pradesh. 


A place I personally would love to be at, Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO) is a charitable trust set up in Ladakh. Set up in the most non-commercial and peaceful part of the country, LAMO offers art residencies only to the exceptional. 

10. Sanskriti Foundation


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Set up in 1993, Sanskriti Foundation is in New Delhi and offers both collaborative and individual art residencies. One of the oldest residencies in India, it focuses on promoting Indian popular culture on an international front. 

Get applying, ladies!

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