Creative Ways To Tie Your Saree Like A Dhoti & Recreate These Celeb Looks!

Creative Ways To Tie Your Saree Like A Dhoti & Recreate These Celeb Looks!

Did you know that there are over a hundred different ways to drape a saree? From the direction of the pallu to how to tie the bottom, the variety of ways to drape a saree keeps expanding based on personal choice and region.

Our current favourite style allows you to wear a saree like a totally different kind of garment - skirts, lungis, sarongs and much else! One of the ways that we wish to start experimenting with is the dhoti, much like the nauvari draping style, a saree can be twisted and turned to be worn like a chic bottom. We picked a few celeb looks that can be recreated with your mom’s saree and how, take a look:

1. Parineeti’s Dhoti Pants

1 dhoti saree parineeti

One of the easiest dhoti style drape are the pants. Wear it like a loincloth, with one wrapped around the waist and the other going front to back between the legs, which is then tucked at your lower back. To refine the drape use cotton sarees, they can be pulled into pleats to give a slim pants look with ease.

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2. Shruti’s Drop Dhoti

2 dhoti saree shruti hassan

Much like the dhoti pants, this style pretty much can be achieved with your favourite sarees. Make a little adjustment with the tuck, by dropping the pleats and pinning or tucking it at the front. Satin and rayon sarees will be best suited to recreate this chic outing from Hassan, as they are the best fabrics for the fall and draping of a dhoti style.  

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3. Patralekha’s Deconstructed Dhoti

3 dhoti saree patralekha

How do we make sure that you get Parralekha’s uneven dhoti style just right, down till the high slit? Easy, grab your favourite satin, silk or georgette saree, tie one end around your wait and pleat it the other to be tucked on the side of your waist. You can even collect the pleats up high to pin it just at the hip bone for a more clean look.

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4. Pooja’s Flared Dhoti

4 dhoti saree pooja hegde

This one’s a pretty easy feat to achieve! Instead of going all out with your saree, wear it like a skirt and make delicate ‘dhoti like’ pleats to give an impression of the style. Rayon sarees will be perfect for this drape, especially if you wish to go for the high waisted tie.

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5. Samantha’s Half Dhoti Saree

5 dhoti saree samantha

We hope you have the help of a friend around for this one! Tie the centre portion of your saree around your waist. Foram wide pleats on one end and take around to the back to create the dhoti. Make smaller pleats from the other end and through it over your shoulder like a pallu. A slight variation of the nauvari saree, this look will need work put into it, but give you a totally unique drape at the end of it!

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6. Regina’s Dhoti Skirt

6 dhoti saree swapna regina

Similar to Pooja’s drape above, all this dhoti skirt drape needs is a heavily embroidered saree to form elaborate pleats on the front while giving a streamlined silhouette to the bottom. Heavier sarees will make for the correct slimmed down dhoti style drape.

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