This Muslim Bride's Wedding Outfits Are All The Inspiration You Need For A Royal Bridal Look!

This Muslim Bride's Wedding Outfits Are All The Inspiration You Need For A Royal Bridal Look!

I consider myself super lucky that my work allows me to scroll through beautiful pictures of gorgeous brides and even prettier weddings all day long. And now that I have been doing this for a long time, only those things that are way too special catch my eye. So, I’m guessing you’ll understand just how pretty this Muslim wedding was when I tell you that I fell in love the moment I looked at the pictures captured beautifully by The Cheesecake Project.

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Meet Kainaat and Aftab - the dashing couple from Mumbai who recently had the wedding of *my* dreams! Flowers, canopies and everything else that you can imagine at a dreamy wedding was there. Kainaat tells us all about her wedding and love story, and hey, we have all the pictures too! Check them out…

First things first - tell us a bit about both of you! How did you meet and where did it all start...

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Aftab and I have been friends since school. So, we practically knew each other since our childhood days.

Oooh, so did Aftab propose to you formally?

There wasn’t any formal proposal. My family was looking out for boys for me… That’s when Aftab said he’d send his mother to speak to my parents as he was not okay with me seeing any other boys for marriage. And he did!

That’s amazing! So, tell us something about your wedding venue… What all did you consider before choosing it?

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We got married at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. Our reception was held at The Club, Mumbai. For both the venues, we just considered three things, which were:

- The venue should be super spacious as we were expecting a huge gathering.

- It should be well-lit and well-ventilated.

- The food should be excellent, this was our topmost priority.

Both these venues fulfilled al these conditions, and hence, we picked them!

That’s some serious thinking you did beforehand! So, what was the wedding planning process like?

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The wedding planning process was quite tedious. The first three things that I did were to finalise my venue, make-up artist and my photographer since my wedding was in the month of December, which was peak wedding season. I believe this is what every bride should do immediately after the wedding dates get finalised - no matter what month the marriage is in.

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Also, since I am a perfectionist, I personally looked into each and every detail of the wedding right from the decor to the food. I was even concerned about what each of my family members was wearing and went shopping with everyone for their outfits. It was a fairly large celebration as we were expecting 500-800 guests at our functions. It took us approximately 6 months to plan out the wedding well and ‘n’ number of meetings with the decorators, caterers, designers, makeup artists, etc. to make sure everything was in place.

Wow… that really does sound like a GRAND wedding! Tell us all about your wedding functions!

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The haldi and mehendi was held at Kino Cottage in Versova. It’s a beach facing bungalow especially known for its sundowners, hence the function began at 4 in the afternoon and ended at night, post dinner.

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I was very clear since the very beginning that I wanted my haldi function to be held there. The decor was quirky and fun, with floral swings, Rajasthani umbrellas and yellow and orange marigold flowers. Sticking to the theme of pink and green, we kept the chairs, tables and even the shamianas in the same colour scheme.

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The nikaah function was held at Hyatt Regency and had beautiful flowers in different shades of pink. We stuck to the theme of “Vintage “ as I love the old rustic look. Everything from the centre-pieces to the flowers to the candles had an old, vintage feel to it. Instead of the usual photo booth, we decided to keep a lounge area at the end of the banquet as we knew that some of the close relatives and friends would have to wait till late since the vidaai was to happen on the same day. The stage had a set-up of pastel pink flowers with our initials on the side.

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The reception had an old school decor with purple being the theme. The decor was lit up with diyas and candles, with shamianas on the sides.There was a live band performance throughout the rec[etopm.The highlight of this function was the entry of the bride and the groom walking through a tunnel of cold pyros with dhol walas playing the nasik dhol.

We loved your wedding pictures to the T, and you made a gorgeous bride! Tell us something about your looks...



The haldi look was kept yellow for both me and Aftab. I was clear that I wanted a messy braid with some flowers in my hair and gota jewellery to go along with my outfit.


I got my gota jewellery from Florals By Srishti and my make-up was done by Reshma Merchant, who was really good!

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I wanted a very simple and traditional look for my nikaah. So, I opted for a simple bun and some pink carnations to adorn it with. I also opted for two dupattas - one on the side and one as the ghoonghat.

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My reception outfit had a very Pakistani feel to it. Hence, my look was completed with both, a paasa and a maangtika. My reception and wedding outfits were from Om Prakash Jawahar Lal in Delhi.

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Aren’t you mesmerized by this gorgeous bride and her wedding, because we sure are! For more such beautiful wedding features, stay tuned to this space!