9 Things You'll Totally Get If You & Your Bhabhi Get Along Like A House On Fire!

9 Things You'll Totally Get If You & Your Bhabhi Get Along Like A House On Fire!

Some relationships are formed by blood, others by will. But, your relationship with your bhabhi is one that is bound by heart. A bhabhi is someone who is a friend, guide, shopping buddy, travel partner, mentor and lifesaver, all rolled into one. When it comes to her, you have no apprehensions about anything, you are just yourself in the truest way. She comes into your life and home as nothing less than a blessing. Here are some things you will completely agree with if your brother is married to the most amazing girl, who you love to bits too!

1. You just got the best friend of all times!

Your bhabhi is not just your brother's wife, she's your ultimate bestie too. She'll be there when you need advice on clothes, on boys and on life. And just imagine, she'll be in the same house as you! That's the dream!!

1 best bhabhi

2. She is a younger and cooler version of your mom

Yes, she's caring and concerned like your mom, she also helps you sneak in and out of the house when it's late and at the same time, she's cool doing all those things.

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3. Let's not forget, she's your on-call agony aunt

Always there to help whenever you're in trouble. You can be yourself with your bhabhi - your true self. You can tell her your secrets and you know she'll keep them safe.

Your agony aunt needs to relax too, doesn't she? This combo of aromatic oils from Nykaa (Rs 644) will help her sit back and chill!

4. Hey there, shopping buddy!

How can we forget this one? You will always have someone to count on when you plan an impromptu trip to the mall or when you just want to scroll through all those shopping websites from the comfort of your home. She got your back there, girl! 

4 best bhabhi

5. Thank God for the life saver that she is...

She is capable of getting you out of trouble even when all odds are against you. She can just do it somehow and you love her for that! She's your in-house advocate.

6. She secretly adores you more than she adores your brother

Yes, she does! Try telling that to your brother and he'll vehemently deny it, but it's true. She takes your side whenever you and your brother have an argument and plans pranks that you can play on him together. Need more proof, anyone? 

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7. She makes festivals, parties and celebrations a lot more fun

Her contagious energy and zeal to celebrate spreads to everyone in the house, thus making everything double the fun. 

7 best bhabhi

8. She gets you the most amazing gifts, EVER!

Not just your Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj gifts become awesome, but also your birthday presents and the impromptu gifts that she decides to pamper you with are the best!

She pampers you with amazing gifts all the time! Your turn to surprise her with this stylish sling bag from Joker & Witch (Rs 864).

9. She bonds the family together with her affectionate nature!

And that is why she is a blessing to not just your brother, but your entire family! 


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