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Things You Should NEVER Do On Social Media After Getting Engaged!

Things You Should NEVER Do On Social Media After Getting Engaged!

Congratulations! Now that you're engaged to the love of your life, you are dying to share all your engagement pictures and flaunt that gorgeous engagement ring on social media, right? In fact, the captions for all those pictures are already running through your mind! We can understand your excitement. But hey, you may need to tone it down a bit. Your over-excitement could annoy other people on your timeline. We list out eight things you should totally avoid posting on your social media after getting engaged.

1. The love story

The only person interested in your love story is you and your better half. Trust us, no one is yearning to hear how you met or how he proposed, so don't post a long oration about love and finding the right person. A simple and sweet caption is enough.


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2. The fiancé thing

Don't start calling your partner 'your fiancé' every single time you post something about him. Tag them in the post and that would be enough for the world to know that he's your special one.

3. The wedding plan

If you're not inviting everyone on your friend's list to your wedding, don't start posting about every little part of your wedding planning. Post great images after but does everyone have to know every step of how you got there?

4. Do away with the 'finally' comments

Finally, it happened. Congratulations but don't keep posting 'finally' in every post. First, it's annoying. Second, it shows the limits of your vocabulary. 


5. The price tag of your new rock

Never do this. Never put out the price of your engagement ring on social media. For one, you will make enemies of a few jealous people on your list. Secondly, in this age of zero privacy, you don't know who's snooping on your social media profile.



6. A million hashtags

Nobody is searching for a #YournamewedsHisname on the internet. You think people are but no, they aren't. Hence multiple hashtags about engagements and weddings are a waste and only clutter the message. 

7. Writing Future Mrs. on your profile is a big NO!

Everybody's aware that you're getting married so you don't need to state the obvious by adding 'future Mrs' to your bio. Come on, it's not only a cliche but it's taking over-excitement to a whole new level.

8. Overpraise your fiance

We understand he's the best you could have ever found, but keep it to yourself or tell your partner about how lucky you are to have him. The entire world doesn't need to know how dreamy he is. It can often be misconstrued as showing off. 




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Published on Apr 27, 2018
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